TBR Comment: Today we find out we are doing bombing runs over Tekrit (Iraq) helping Iraqi troops guided by Iranian leaders. Its ironic we are helping our enemies who has more American deaths on their hands than any muslim group. 


If we can't see that Obama is a muslim sympathizer and what he's done to help the despots of the world gain control of the middle east, then we are going to deserve what's coming our way. As we pointed out before the next attack is on our politicians for letting Obama run out of control. He has and still does Aid and Abet our enemies. 


Krauthammer explains Obama Obama strategy below 


Columnist Charles Krauthammer said that President Obama thinks “”somehow he’s going to pacify the Middle East as a partner of Iran,” on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

“ISIS is being slowed or stopped or stymied in Iraq, well, that is not by us. That is by Iran. Iranian troops, Iranian commanders. Iranian — well, Iraqi Shiite militias, which are [under the command of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard]…as the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia said, Iraq is being handed over into the hands of Iran. That’s the — that’s the Obama policy” he stated. Krauthammer added that Obama thinks “somehow he’s going to pacify the Middle East as a partner of Iran,” and cited President Obama’s statement to NPR that Iran could be a “successful regional power.”

He continued that Obama “does have a very strange serenity about the meltdown, the fact that we are being driven out of our last [holdout] in Yemen…that Iran is now taking our place in Iraq.


He does have this sort of strange detachment, but I think he thinks this is, against reality and against what everybody in the region is thinking, that he is a strategic genius, and that the Iran nuclear deal is not just intended, as you were implying, as a distraction from the failure in the war on terror, but it is a solution to our losing the war on terror.


He thinks that he is going to do a Nixon to China. He is going to be the man to develop the entente, the understanding, the condominium with Iran to run the Arab Middle East. We will join with them, we’re going to recognize their presence, their dominance in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, and now in Yemen as — and that will be the reward for having cut a deal with us on nuclear weapons.”

Krauthammer concluded, “you talk to anyone from Saudi Arabia, from the Emirates, from Egypt, of course the Israelis, anybody in the region, and they’re the ones who are saying what I’m saying, that they are being betrayed.”


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