Popeye Live - Never let A Good Crisis Go To Waste - That was the left's mantra for the last couple of decades - Every crises we have as of today was manufactured and delivered by them, inflation, energy, political, world upheaval - now is the time to fight back on the verge of another democratic war that was avoidable -

There is no reason we should be funding the despots of the world while we have the resources to cut them off - Common sense is lacking in our Nation. It seems as half the country has been reduced into morons through our education systems.


There is nothing else for us to do but fight the tyranny we see here at home and around the world - Quit letting the other guy do it!!


Truckers arrive in DC - Now what since they are avoiding the so called people's house? Putin and Ukraine in the news has whipped them out of the news, the message seems mixed and out of sync with todays headlines and yes Poeye did warn of this..

On today's local news we got the usual narrative: gas prices are going up because of the Ukraine / Russian war. Well, that's partly true when you don't include cause and effect.


In 2020 democrats managed to outright steal an election that installed an illegitimate president who's not fit for the job mentaly. We're not sure what person or group is guiding this person who cannot complete a sentence and doesn't know where he's at at any given moment.

1st thing he does is cancel the keystone pipeline eliminating thousands of high paying jobs and over a period of months cancels drilling on federal lands like Awar in Alaska. The attack on our oil industry continues to this day.
In less than a year we went from energy independence to begging for more oil from the likes of Putin, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran's Ayatollahs.


WTF, we're wondering just how much it will take for the people of this country to stand up, "demand energy independence now". We don't have time to wait for the midterms and who knows if republicans have the will to fight for anything that benefits the American People?  

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the problem is. Oil is the life blood of economies around the world, as Germany is finding out by making themselves reliant on Russian oil & gas. It runs beyond that when you look at wheat & barly and other commodities. Our easy lives are going to be tested for our failures to see what lies ahead.

The truth is we can't wean ourselves from the despots fast enough, including China where our politicians continue throwing us under the bus...


It's time to Unite, listen to our podcast. Let's Push Back..


We are watching what happens and will act to save the Consitution, protect those who've had theie Constitution Rights voilated and act accordingly.