A judge in the  54th District Court will hear a motion Monday to quash the subpoenas to testify for McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna along with attorney’s Amanda Dillon and Michael Jarrett.

The motion is regarding the second Twin Peaks Trial involving Matthew Clendennen.

Channel 6 spoke with Reyna Sunday he said the judge can either quash the subpoenas or he can rule not to quash – meaning they would have to testify.

The motion hearing is at 9 a.m. Monday.

Clendennen’s hearing will continue whether the motion to quash is granted or not.

TBR:  Now why would Abel Reyna if he's a good as he claims to be want to interfere with Justice? By Filing a last minute motion to quash the testimony of the DA's office employees? Just what would he have to hide? Is there something he doesn't want public and why would a Judge grant favors to a prosecutor that's spent whole career denying others of their Constitutional rights.


That's got to be one messed up DA's office full of hate for each other by now. The cat is out of the bag that Abel has been granting political favors to friends and wealthy donors, need a crime fixed "NO Problemo"! Now they say "next"!  They are ready to go at more Bikers including another shot at Jake Carrizal. Abel's political favors were so bad one Attorney resigns and the others were talking to the FBI.


Sounds like an OPO Outlaw Public Official to us. 


We can't have Laws For Them & Laws For Us, if Abel's Got Nothing To Hide he should defend himself like a man and not a two bit gangster seeking favors from good ole boy judges. 


Abel Reyna set the standard during the Jake Carrizal trial, if he doesn't take the stand he is surely GUILTY...