18 senators, governors and House members who addressed the Republicans compare that to Nearly 50 sitting governors and members of Congress are slated to speak from the stage during the four-day convention.  DNC Establishment bigwigs will be joined by the top names from communist / socialist democrats , labor unions, pro-choice groups, gay rights and environmental movements, civil rights leaders, black live matters, immigrant Dreamers and more.

​It's obvious that establishment big wigs in the DNC did a better job of protecting their their turf than the big wigs in the RNC. They were able to keep a surging Bernie Sanders out while anti establishment conservatives who had seen enough pushed Trump past every wall the establishment republicans threw in his or their way. They thought Jeb Bush would be the guy. Jeb wasn't ready for the big show and it is all a show on both sides..


On day one Hillary was locked in despite all the controversy that surrounds her and her husband. The list of corruption by the Clinton's runs on and on. This shows us the shear arrogance establishment types have and the level of corruption that exists in our country today.


Very very few are held accountable and it's getting worse. Our Nation is starving for honesty, the green party aint it, no 3rd party, establishment republicans or democrats have been proven they're not to be trusted, hell, they can't even produce and follow a budget.

Its going to take us showing we've had enough. We are going to need an outsider at the top to get the ball rolling, then we've got to turn the tables on the establishment types and not support those that oppose term limits. Years in office corrupts and makes them feel entitled, years in office has allowed the to build an empire for themselves.


It's time our government at all levels is put on a diet, it's time to end corruption...


Now where do we start?