Milam County Texas: The drama continues over a misdemeanor charge that should have been dropped a long time ago. Lets point out Judge Young Claimed to be a 2nd Amendment Advocate when he signed on to Milam County's 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution. To this we say prove it! 


It's obvious Patrick was riding his Motorcycle legal per the law. Let us point out some interesting facts in no certain order.


#1. Patrick did not receive a ticket for what he was supposedly stopped for. 7 mph over posted speed by DPS Officer Tice. 


#2. Patrick had his CHL


#3. He had been vetted by the State / FFL as a non criminal (multiple background checks). Not only when he purchased his weapon by when he finished the CHL Licensing process. 


#4. He had not received any kind of notifications that he was in a TXGang Database September of 2016 by DPS SA Christopher Frost for reasons of association, tattoos and dress. Note: All are "Constitutionally" protected.


#5. No Motorcycle Club in Texas has been tried and convicted as a criminal organization. Note: Texas Gang Assessment Report is a cut & paste document that is based on opinion and innuendo. Especially when it comes to Motorcycle Clubs it shows us they know less than we thought. Every Group has it's bad actors including law enforcement. That's on the perpetrators of crimes not the organizations as a whole. 


#6. The DPS has put out a statement that the TXGang Task Force does not identify anyone as a gang member or affiliate, only the possibility of. They went one step further, It's not to be used in a court of law. (This tells us they know there is a flaw and are denying due process without a proper investigation). 


#7. Texas law officers are not following guidelines for entering someone into a Texas Gang Database. Example, you cannot "investigate" taking pictures of license plates from a top of a building then entering them into a gang database. Texas Biker Radio surveys shows us this to be true. Innocent people are turned into criminals in the eyes of the law and the courts. You are guilty until you prove yourself innocent in a stacked court. 


#8. The are no guilt by association laws in America. Yet that's exactly what happens by law officers and courtrooms across Texas. Jury's should not take the bait from law officers, unscrupulous judges and prosecutors. 


#9. Motorcycle Clubs are not street gangs. Like every other group in our society there are bad apples, including law enforcement. "Its a fact". 


#10. The court of Judge Steve Young has hamstrung the defendant so bad he really unable to defend himself and tell the jury who he is based on his character, his military service to our Country 24 years of service, Purple Heart, 2 Bronze Stars, Honorable Discharge and other Meritorious Awards.


#11. Compared that to his arresting Officer who has a less than stellar record as a DPS Officer (Tice) who had a hard time keeping his hands off of young women. 


In this misdemeanor case Patrick committed no crimes not even speeding. He's a proud War Veteran and Motorcycle Club Member.


What does the prosecutor have? Guilt by Association...


Just How Far Is The State Willing To Go And Spend

Follow The Timeline


Nov 2018 Arrested For Criminal Carry


Jan 2019 Arraignment Hearing


May 2019 Suppression Hearing


July 2019 Pre trial Hearing


​July 2019 Jury Trial  (continued due to discovery issue)


October 2019 Pre Trial hearing (again)


October 2019 Jury Trial  (continued over discovery issues again) 


November 2019 Pre Trial Hearing (again)


December 2019 Jury Trial which ended in a mistrial (there are legal issues of a mistrial for criminal cases) 


December 2019 Status Hearing


​February 2020 Recusal Hearing Judge Young refused to recuse himself after injecting himself as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City Resolution in Milam County. So much for claiming to be a 2nd Amendment Advocate. The Prosecutor & Judge were more concerned of a reporter in the room than the facts of the trial.



March 2020 Pending - A New Trial Begins



Note: There were 2 hearings that were canceled or postponed. The Judge was no show for 1 and the defendant for 1. 


The questionable mistrial cost big time. 30-40 people all day for Jury selection, 6-8 jurors for 2 days, extra security (not needed), 3 law enforcement witnesses sitting around 2 days,  2 prosecutor and court staff, 10 DPS Officers around the courthouse (not needed) and a stupid metal detector we've watched people walk around for the entire time it's been there. 


Has Milam County ever heard of benefit cost analysis?