After a successful All For 1 Rally & Protest on June 7th it is now time we regroup and return to the epicenter of slander and corruption. The Law and Waco DA (Dumb Ass) Able Reyna continues to smear all bikers.



They are ruining lives with false arrest, wrongful imprisonment what ever term fits. Every law enforcement officer I have talked to are shaking their heads. One even apologized for what he called the overreach which effects all bikers across the state.


Waco is now bringing up their budget for 2016 and the cost to the county. For the DA, to try and prosecute 170 people as taking part of a criminal enterprise at a COCI meeting is going to be impossible, he will lose most if not all of those cases.


People like us who have actually walked the halls of the State House and participated in the political process will testify to what we have seen and participated in. We've not seen or heard of any criminal activities at a COCI meeting ever. 


All the meetings we been to cover political and motorcycle safety issues. We never had anyone or seen anyone try to sell a drug, we've never had anyone offer to sell a gun, we've never has anyone offer us a prostitute or a sex slave.


This piece of crap DA is going to lose most if not all and he knows it. But he's going to go ahead and waste tax payers dollars, he doesn't give a damned.



Since Waco is busy ruining lives and has no regards for families that are now in financial crises, we will return again and again as long as we have to.


We realize this costs the county / city money each time we do this. There seems to be a knee jerk reaction that takes place when bikers come to town.


Lets spend some Waco money!


Here we come July 19th, saddle up biker boys and girls'''




Please note our first ride did have an effect, the media is questioning the validity of the accusations coming from Waco law enforcement. There needs to be more. They are waiting for the law in Waco to stumble. Its coming.


Bonds started plummeting, but not low enough for us. As of yesterday 90 riders have been released.  

Kevin Hunt says...
"Will there EVER be a SATURDAY RIDE to Waco? I'd go in a minute on a Saturday. " (6/16/15)