I recent weeks we've had Law Enforcement begging Don't Judge Us Because Of A Few Bad Apples. First it was Fort Worth PD and now the FBI. It was reported that a Fort Worth Police Officer Murdered a woman who was playing video games with her nephew. The Fort Worth Police Chief begged in a news conference Don't Judge The Fort Worth PD because of the actions of this bad apple. 


The FBI has continually Lied not only to the Courts Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) but to the American people. There are a litany of outright crimes, cover ups for crooked politicians like Hilary Clinton. Yet they too have Former Agents and politicians trying to provide cover with the Few Bad Apple - Book By The Cover analogy. 


Law Enforcement and Government entities like the FBI deserve every bit of scrutiny they get. The public sees more than a few bad apples and expects that they are not above the Law. Lies, innuendos, rigged courts is the order of the day. 


Pre-Judging based on opinions, hearsay, how a person looks, what they might be wearing, who they might associate with, what Club they might be a member of. We see this playing out in our Nations Capital.


It's also playing out in Milam County Texas  where a 24 Year Disabled Combat Veteran is fighting everything mentioned above. Patrick has been to every hell hole our country has sent our troops to during his Army career. Two Bronze Stars, Purple Heart other Meritorious  Awards and Honorable Discharge. Patrick is a true War hero. 


Patrick's crime was seven miles over the speed limit, but really it was a traffic stop by a known bad apple. DPS Officer Tice ran a OMG database check. Patrick was in it although he has never been convicted of crime. OMG databases are nothing more than opinions and hearsay. Its data collected by biased individuals who have been indoctrinated into a narrative spread over many decades.


Our survey has shown there are innocent people in the database that has no oversight, no accountability. 


Merits of the individual for every American is the way it should be. The most interesting thing about Patrick is his DD214 Military Service.


It was just days ago when Rush Limbaugh said any court in America is rigged before you arrive because of the collusion between Law Enforcement, District Attorneys and Judge who know and work with each other. You are not presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Isn't it odd as Patricks Dec 16th trial approaches. Today 12/1319 KWTX reports New 'credible threats' made by bikers against local police, this comes from incompetent unknown sources who's reeling from their defeat, collusion in the courts exposed, in an effort to send innocent 154 victims of lies and innuendos to jail. 


This is the reason we come to you. You have the ability to correct a wrong in court, protect the innocent from bad laws that violate our Constitutional Rights.


Jury Nullification, learn it, know it, use it. 


Update: Today we learned Patrick is going to trial Dec. 16th, jury selection starts 8:30am (6 Jurors). We also learned the State was given everything they wanted by Judge Young, the defense (victim) got nothing ignoring his Constitutional Rights as an American Citizen. Patrick says it's now in the hands of his fellow citizens.


What we've seen so far tells us the system is rigged to the hilt, the Judges work too close in a network of corruption. If you for some reason find yourself in court, you start out guilty in criminal court all across Texas, innocence is in the hands of the jury and a skilled lawyer.. 


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