02/13/18 Republican's Women's Forum:


Reyna, the son of former DA and 10th Court of Appeals Court Justice / Janitor Felipe Reyna, is seeking his third term as district attorney, while Johnson, the son of longtime Judge Joe N. Johnson, said it is time for a change.


Let's throw out the battle of the Daddies and talk reality for a minute. Twinn Peaks has exposed the conduct going on in the McLennan County DA's office and the courthouse itself, rigging grand juries, gerrymandering trial orders, hiding evidence, taking over police department investigation and in 8 years he's actually lead 7 trials, he boasts of tougher plea bargains.  

All of that then we find out the FBI is looking at his office for passing out special favors to fat cat donors. Abel Reyna is in an all out effort to avoid hearings and  keep his staff from testifying. He's all the sudden turned into a softy on plea deals, can we say Scooter Bergman, he was offered one year probation for pleading guilty to organized criminal activity and aggravated assault and that murder charges would be dropped before his January 22 trial. Bergman said if I took a plea deal it would be the first time I've told a lie, let's go to trial. Not wanting any part of trying an innocent man again Abel Reyna punted and made a deal for a 180 day delay. Buying himself more time to get past the primaries.


Turns out the only organized criminal activity going on is in the DA's office itself, Reyna is so desperate to avoid a hearing that would put his staff under oath he made a motion to recuse Judge Strother. The very Judge that helped him gerrymander the trial orders for his show trial "Bandido Jake Carrizal", we all know what a disaster that turned out to be. 

Abel Reyna wants it both ways, says everybody is guilty as hell but I'll drop charges on these guys, not saying what criteria he used to select other than they were low level criminals. So now he's busy dismissing what he calls low level defendants that for 3 years he's called organized gang members, criminals, murderers. All to avoid a hearing before the primaries.


It's Political Nothing Else


Waco Tribune reported that Barry Johnson said Abel Reyna has dismissed 13 Twin Peaks shootout cases, refused eight others that were not indicted and recused his office from two other bikers' cases hours before a hearing at which two bikers intended to seek his disqualification from their cases.

By dismissing the case and recusing himself in the other, Reyna avoided the hearing and the airing of possible damaging testimony from his former first assistant, a retired police detective and his former longtime administrative assistant.

"A lot of things changed last week in the district attorney's race," Johnson said. "They sure did. And those things showed just what I have been saying in my campaign. The current DA has put justice in jeopardy in McLennan County, and the recent events of dismissing those 20 cases have proven me correct.

"By dismissing those cases and recusing others, Mr. Reyna has all but admitted, in my opinion, the misconduct in how he has mishandled those Twin Peaks cases. Mr. Reyna's political ambition has not only jeopardized justice in McLennan County, but will also cost McLennan County taxpayers millions of dollars."


TBR: In our opinion Abel Reyna's actions are no more than obstruction of justice by a DA. Saving the taxpayers money in McLennan County is now out the window as the civil suits in Austin can now proceed, any savings Abel claims he is responsible for is gone..

So now we hear the FBI will not proceed or get involved during an election. The actions of FBI Director Comey has hampered their ability to function against Public Officials, therefore giving credit to Laws For Them - Laws For Us


It's a two tiered system on display for all to see..