We should never feel for ungrateful spoiled brats like Ariana Grand who claimed she hates America and Americans while licking donuts on a donut shop counter. Yes, licking donuts the shop had just brought out to put in a covered display.

Ariana Grande-Butera was born in Boca Raton, Florida, she is another child actor that has grown to be full of themselves. A pampered rich brat, a bitch and clueless when it comes to the average American citizen.


What kind of parent fails to do their research when it comes to who their kids are idolizing. 


Once you cross the America Americans hating line you've joined the ranks of Jane Fonda.


Ariana's poor attempt at apologizing claimed she was talking about obese people. So she now loves Americans but hates people who are over weight. Does that include an obese child that buys her albums, who supports her lavish lifestyle?


The Manchester Terror attack sent her scrambling home to the country she hates and safety. In a public statement claims she's heart broken. Do you think that's true or do you think she is a self centered little bitch that really doesn't give a damned? 


Just Sayin,