Even if you'r not a Biker or Motorcyclist eye witness reports of the way militarized law enforcement were indiscriminately firing at Bikers at Twinn Peaks May 17th 2015 should have your attention. A hyped militarized law enforcement had convinced themselves everyone there was a criminal, therefore anyone associating, wearing certain items , moving could be justifiably shot. 


A recent FB article by Radio Legendary a Waitress Speaks out on the behavior of the undercover officers who actually tried to solicit help from the wait staff in order to set up the Bikers. There was also eyewitness reports on small arms fire vs riffle fire by law enforcement who appeared to be firing into a crowd of Bikers. Some may have been literally fighting for their lives before law enforcement became the judge jury and executioner (Ref MPP).

Almost 2 years later the big topic of the day is Fake News. May 17th 2015 would have made today's Fake News Media proud. Lies that aimed to destroy and take people's lives without question. Every bit of it to provide cover for the actions of a hyped up law enforcement unit gone mad to kill.


So lets rewind to the incredible stories in the first hours after the parking lot fight that ended up in a militarized law enforcement massacre (Texas Style). Every bit designed to give cover for the actions taken by law enforcement. Of course all of it was spearheaded by the most gullible police department spokesman on earth, Waco PD Sgt. Patrick Swanton. Who now gets his chance at 15 minutes of fame. It could have been an episode of Mayberry RFD if it were not real.


Lies and innuendos filled the Fake News airways and written news. Never were there Bikers headed to Waco with heavy weaponry stolen from the Army and melontov cocktails (courtesy of DPS).


Never were there 1000 weapons as first reported. The count is still questionable since law enforcement counted shoes (2 ea.), 4" vest chains, work tools and weapons legally in cars & trucks. Something you might find in any church parking lot in Texas.


Never were "all Bikers" at Twinn Peaks engaged in criminal activities, this came from Able Reyna's' mind since it was discovered that Waco PD was trying to sort out who was actually guilty of any crimes that took place in the parking lot. It was law enforcement  who actually witnessed those engaged in the parking lot fight, not Able Reyna who had no clue. 


​Never have Bikers encouraged the murder of police officers as we've seen from the likes of left wing politicians and groups such as the BLM. Before or after Twinn Peaks.


None of that stopped the Fake News spewing their version of the truth with sensational Outlaw Biker Gang innuendos of sex slave, drug trafficking, gun running that went on for days. For one thing Clubs are not gangs as described by Sgt Swanton and those feeding him BS. FBI's own reports show gang affiliation of Biker groups are minuscule at best. Of course we know Sgt. Swanton and WPD didn't spend a minute verifying if anything they were told was true and up to date. Facts are more law enforcement members are arrested and convicted of serious crimes than any Bikers over the past 10 years, Bikers numbers are minuscule in comparison. 


Fake News has now been exposed with time. Able Reyna has painted himself into a corner with lies, half truths and innuendo. Motorcycle Clubs, MM's, Military, Charitable Clubs are thriving despite law enforcement efforts to vilify us all including 1%.


The COCI is growing and US Defenders has bills before the State Legislature as they did in 2015.

What's changed since Twinn Peaks? Fake News "Exposed" like never before. The public knows government and the media works together vilifying anyone who gets in the way of their narrative. The list of fake news makers is long, political parties, political groups, politicians, universities, law enforcement, main stream media and the super rich who has the funds to manipulate the media and hire anarchist in waves of protests. This is a list of a few not to mention educators who indoctrinate our children everyday.


The question is who do you trust? Bikers who are over 70% Veterans and 100% Patriots who's been fighting communism and Islam most of their adult lives. Bikers will give you the truth 100% of the time as they know it.  


Able Reyna should do the right thing let the innocent go. Truth is not on his side, he has been exposed.