Since Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President the media went into full blown personal destruction mode. He's uncompromising, he's got a big mouth, he can't win against a corrupt lying Hillary, he's ultra conservative, he's a Canadian, ultra right wing and McCain called him a wacko. The list ran on and on.


Of course Ted expected as much and should wear it with a badge of honor. Anyone that has stuck to their guns and believes in the Constitution will be vilified by the media and progressive stooges on both sides of the isle. John McCain who claimed Syrian terrorists as good guys is the perfect example. Now there's a wacko!


These are the times we live in with a media that's as corrupt as the politicians themselves. Truth and fairness went out the window a long time ago. This is what our colleges around the nation have delivered. Cut and paste lazy liars, we call it fax journalism. 


At a campaign event last year Ted Cruz said, Washington DC the federal government is lost, forget DC your battles will be won in the State House. That statement was true but we see a lack of Bills in the Statehouse that protects Texas citizens from our out of control federal government. The state house moves like a snail compared to Obama, the king president and his minions in the federal government.


​It's going to be interesting to see how the rest of the field is treated as they come out and declare their candidacy. There's one thing for sure, those that believe in the Constitution and the rule of law will receive extra treatment like Cruz.


The media will try and pick the Republican candidate, they will nudge and push you to the progressive candidate of their choice. We've had two disastrous presidential elections spearheaded by Karl Rove who can raise billions only to lose with candidates hand picked by republican leadership and the MSM. 


We should not fall into the trap again, shame on us if we do. This is our last chance. Another progressive President like Hillary would put the nail in the coffin. We must break the mold and get it right.


If the media or party leadership is for them, the fix is in.    Will you fall for it?



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