Since major media  and big tech social media platforms decided to join socialist democrats in an all out propaganda campaign of misinformation and censorship of any conservative voice, we have a list of alternatives that are out there. Some have been out there for many years and were competitors of FB early on.


Starting with the mainstream media we are going tell you why we prefer these choices and they are not rated in any special order.


1) Right Side Broadcasting Network:  Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), also known as Right Side Broadcasting, is a conservative American news and opinion media company founded by Joe Seales. It is best known for its Donald Trump rally live streams on YouTube.


TBR: The great thing about RSBN is when they go live at an event you see it in it's entirety with no talking heads to interrupt. You decide on what you saw and heard for yourself. We're not sure what happens if Biden actually steals the election, whatever happens RSBN will be there to document the law suits ahead.


2) News Max: News Max is gaining steam as Fox News crumbles as the conservative voice.  Newsmax Media also operates a print magazine called Newsmax as well as the cable news channel Newsmax TV.  Fox News has a problem: a small right wing service called Newsmax that has done a much better job of distributing its TV programming online via the FASTs–free ad-supported streaming TV services.

As of this writing, Newsmax has a presence on Sling, Pluto, Xumo, Distro, Fubo, Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV and Amazon Fire TV (the latter four via its own free app.) 


The events of the coming week may well determine how successful Newsmax becomes. For while Fox News and the rest of the Murdoch empire has chosen to declare Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election and to cast doubts on President Trump’s assertions that the elections were somehow fraudulent, Newsmax has gone in the other direction.


Their website carries a banner claiming that they are not yet calling the election, and their founder Chris Ruddy has been making the rounds of talk shows to explain their position while making clear his desire to partner with President Trump in any future media endeavors the Trumps may wish to engage in. This of course has resulted in a spate of free publicity for the site.


TBR: You may also like to try Breitbart News, One America News Network (youtube) and Texas Biker Radio News, which has weekly news & comment on their website and youtube podcast. 


Social Media Alternatives


1) MeWe has been around since FB, what's interesting about it is there are "no ads" since it is member supported. TBR is currently testing to see if it's a fit for us. The great thing so far is the lack of junk posting from the site itself like FB does with their stupid bait and switch ads out of china. $5 bucks a month as a premium member would be worth it just for that reason.  


USA.Life: its a Christian, conservative social media platform. The free version does have ads, there are several different levels of membership including ad free for life. TBR has also been studying this platform as an alternative.


There are others like Parlor and Gab that conservatives are flocking to. 


These are alternatives incase our current social media platforms continue censoring conservative voices. So far we continue to get the messages that concern us the most out.  Until the socialist takes them to new levels of censorship we remain a customer.