We Are Here To Protect & Serve


We Are Here To Watch People Set Fires


We Are Here To Watch People Loot


We Are Here To Watch Rioters Destroy Public Property


We Are Here To Watch People Attack Each Other


​We Are Here To Watch People Kill & Maim


We Are Here Because The Mayor Is Now The Police Chief


We Are Here Because The Mayor Told Us To Stand Down


We Are Here Because Progressive Groups Have Us Cornered


We Are Here Watching Our Country Be Destroyed 


So it is in police departments across the country. We don't think most even know what there job is anymore. It's another day of survival in a jungle, forget "protect & serve" lets dodge bullets from progressive assassins. It's bad enough they live in a Nation full of metheads, cocaine sniffers and alcoholics to deal with everyday. Now they stand and watch as protected progressive political groups come after them and America.



It's a lot safer to run traffic, stop white people. kids, Bikers.  



​Police & Law Enforcement agencies once again are taking their eyes off the ball. This morning Barcelona Spain was attacked by real terrorist with a van.  It's been sometime since we were attacked by ISIS or Alqueda, it's coming because we are too busy attacking each other. George Soros is happy as hell. 


All this while politicians plan for more endless investigations that go nowhere. 



Meanwhile Police Departments are standing by and looking for Bikers and something safe and easy to do.


Watch Your Back