Jasmin Caldwell of Channel 6 has reported that it looks like the fencing around and we means all the way around the courthouse and jail are being removed. Didn't we tell you the midget fence would only work a few days? The initial effect has gone so on to the next lie. Maybe it's safe to reduce the amount of security in the courtroom and Jarrett's 24 hr security detail at his home, the jury and public has now figured out there's no Biker coming to raid the village. 


Geese we hope they didn't buy that stuff & put it on the county's tab. Then there's all these expert witnesses they flew into town and we bet they aren't staying at Motel 6 are they? it was reported they were seen holding hands at 135 Prime in Waco but we could not confirm. 

Kozlowski say he passed lie detector


​I think it would be a fair question to ask these experts how much the County is paying for testimony, what other trials they've gave expert testimony at, along with proof he's worked undercover within the last couple of years. Do they or have they ever participate in OMG Seminars outside of law enforcement, paid or not. What's their average pay for this type work or should we say "Booty"!


A win here in Waco gives the experts "police cred", they'll be banging down the door to listen to a slide show, book selling carnival,


These guys have made it clear they don't like what they call outlaw motorcycle gangs. Well, maybe that's not true since it's made them a living? Diamond patches make you bad ass and its impossible that not one Bandido or support club member could be innocent, that there's not a decent human being among them.


I think if he's good enough to lie to a lie detector and pass, how do we know he's not lying now?


​Did these experts ever become a member of the TCOCI? Have They ever been a member of US Defenders? Have the ever participated with TXDOT? Have they ever wrote a Legislative Bill, Have they ever walked the halls of the Texas State Capital looking for sponsors for legislative Bills on motorcycle safety? Have they ever been a Chapter President? Have they ever been a member of a Club where everyone did not agree?


Have they ever participated in brawls while they were undercover or to make something happen.


If they have done any of this they don't know Jack!


The testimony of these so called experts are weak. No one has produced a shred of evidence tha Jake Carrizal did anything but send a message they were going to Waco for the TCOCI meeting. It's obvious Judge Johnson is doing his best to take care of former Law Partner Able Reyna by allowing these guys who have admitted they don't really know anything about the Bandidos other than hear say, innuendo made by other criminals..


If we put a meter on the Judges rear it was say Bad and unfair.