Twinn Peaks the Largest case of Motorcycle Profiling in US History that ended in 9 deaths, 20 wounded and 177 arrested May 17th 2015.

On the 3rd TP anniversary we find out of another profiling case in White Settlement TX largely publicized by the media. City Councilman Dave Mann resigns his post because a Motorcycle Safety Proclamation where he "thought" Bandidos were present, "not the case".

Motorcycle Safety Proclamations during the month of May is nothing new, it's been going on for years along with a vigorous TXDOT Campaign (note the share the electronic roads signs on the highways of TX).

You see Mr. Mann is also a Tarrant County Sheriffs Deputy. He clearly has a biased opinion about who has the Right to seek Proclamations on Motorcycle safety issues. Motorcycle Safety is an issue for all Motorcyclist, not just 2nd responders, military and who ever else Deputy Mann might choose (note first responders are citizens on the scene).

It's in our view Deputy Mann has received the standard LE training that vilifies 1% Clubs as gangs, he's totally bought into the narrative much like Former DA Abel Reyna, those cases have fell a part in mass and now he faces an uncertain future because of his actions.  Unlike Abel Reyna Deputy Mann resigned his city council seat (good choice).

Ignorant of the facts Deputy Mann must have never studied the DPS / FBI Gang Assessment Reports which are basically carbon copies of each other. The FBI States 1% Gangs (MC's) are a tier two Gang at best, which means they are opportunists. A chance to make a quick buck comes along and a member may act on it, the leadership may have no clue of the crime committed and the roles can be reversed that a rank and file member may not know leadership was involved in a particular crime. 


The crime is on the individual not the organization as a whole.


But wait it gets better! Law Enforcement suffers from the lure of money also, but on a greater scale than all MC's put together. That never gets talked about until now and by us. We surley can't depend on media like the Star Telegram or San Antonio Express for an investigation of the facts.

The Fact Is No Bandidos Were Present At The Meeting

Like most LE Profiler's he based his opinions and decision on what color attire they might be wearing, who they might associate with or body art. Must have been frightening to hear a Proclamation read that declared the Month of May as Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month in White Settlement.

We'll add Deputy Mann to our OPO list. Sheriff Waybourn who we know well is a Republican who believes in the  Constitution. I would think Deputy Mann's comments would be unsettling. Deputy Mann's comments are every bit as bad as the FTW Police Officer who pepper sprayed passing Motorcyclist.

Deputy Dawg went on a media rant profiling the entire city council and White Settlement itself, as a immoral, drug infested, prostitution meca. I would think as a law enforcement officer he would recognize this is a National problem not a White Settlement problem alone. I mean whats his job at the Sheriffs Department that he would not recognize it?

Our hats are off to the White Settlement City Council for their support for Motorcycle Safety.

Motorcycle Profiling is a plague that has been spread across Texas by the DPS /  FBI using unreliable sources and data full of lies, innuendos, half truths. They successfully indoctrinated PD's into the beliefs everyone  connected to a particular Club are criminals. The problem with that is it splashes over onto the Motorcycle Riding Public at large. Deputy Dawgs tantrum proves it.

We point out MC's are just like the rest of our society, including law enforcement, good & bad people exist and you can't judge them because of a few bad apples. Those were Sheriffs Waybourn's words when I brought up the facts that LE and Public Officials was guilty of more crimes than all the MC's put together.


Look, if a Biker does some bad stuff throw his or her butt in jail and quit vilifying everyone around them. LE are not mind readers, they don't know what an individual might be thinking. Build a case on facts not fiction.
You would think that encouraging good behavior by Motorcyclist would be recognized instead of being vilified by a self appointed Hitler with the ranks of the TCSO.


Understand this is dangerous for all Americans that belong to any type group including Christians. Especially from a government entity that has the ability to vilify and lie at will, using the media as the dominant tool.  Look at whats going on today!


Destroying lives is the game being played. We had better learn to fight back.

Motorcycle Profiling Must End!