In an article in Insane Throttle it was mentioned Chris Cox (Bikers For Trump) might approach the President about Twinn Peaks and The Law In Waco. It's one thing to get National media attention when a President is campaign mode. It's another to talk real National and State Issues with the man in charge. 


​Its an interesting proposal but after some research I think we would not make it onto Mr Cox's things to do calendar. I mean it's been two years since he stepped onto the scene as a Trump supporter and organizer.


​Despite his lackluster performance (poor planning) at the Trump Inauguration where they got surrounded by Pink Pussy / Vagina hat wearing lefties / crazies (women). Who dared Bikers to bust through their line. Cooler Biker heads prevailed and instead they sent out an embarrassing plea for help. Believe me, I remember that one. 


To get even with those crazies Chris Cox is doing exactly what he should be doing, searching for Votes promoting the Presidents success and keeping the House and Senate out of socialist democratic hands.  That's no small order with the media bashing Trump 24/7. The crazies on the left are organized.




Bikers Rights / Motorcycle Profiling is our business State By State 


We don't see Mr Cox switching gears to join us or even give us a mention. He's going to stick with what's worked for him.  2 years we haven't seen him say much on any topic other than supporting Trump. Recently he's done a little Harley Davidson CEO bashing. It's not a bad thing to support American workers of HD. 


​Remember Trump came out as the law and order President. He really doesn't understand what's going on to undermine the Constitutional Rights of Bikers by LE and the Judicial branches of government. Then again, maybe he might if Mr Cox took or could get the time outside of a "photo op" to explain.


The President is getting some of the same treatment as so called outlaw Bikers in Waco and beyond. He's under attack by the DOJ, FBI, CIA and the media who are controlling the "narrative". Sound familiar? Of course that's a pipe dream. Mr Cox aint going there unless we push him there. I'd rather he looks for votes, while we expose the corruption of it all. 


We've had victory's on our own and there will be more.