Popeye Presents Sheriffs Department with event flyer



September 3rd 2019
Sons Of Liberty Riders MC has it's National Roundup this week in Euless Texas. Participating Chapters From Dallas, Houston, Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee & Kentucky made a special stop to visit the Sheriffs Department in Parker County.
In particular Deputy Danni who was supposed to redact body cam videos we had requested through a Freedom Of Information Request form. Like magic Deputy Danni disappears every time we come around seeking information. In this case she was supposed to have redacted body cam videos and lets us know the fee for her time.
So Popeye & OG decides to lay another bomb on them and presents a event flyer to be passed on the Sheriff Fowler.  Yep, the flyer was for our Protests & Rallies to be held on September 21st in front of both the Fort Worth Courthouse & Parker County. 
It's kinda funny we deal with the office personal rather than the people that are supposed to be working there. I mean what do  they have an office for?
Next step would be to notify the Texas State Attorney General the Sheriff is not complying with or requests.
There's one thing for sure they (ladies in the office) showed us great tact, something the Sheriff claimed his Deputies lacked. 
Our National Round up continued on to Mineral Wells and points beyond for beer and chicken fried steak.