We Sure Al Jezeera Loved This


Who Didn't Know This Was Going To Happen Outside Of CNN?


Captain Crozier was tossed from his Command as Captain of The USS Theodore Roosevelt a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Even a lowly Seaman knows better than going outside the chain of command. Especially when your in Command of a strategic weapon like an aircraft carrier. He essentially broadcast to the world that ship was crippled. Its something our enemies need not know.  Loose Lips Sink Hips - End of story!


​But whats more disturbing to us is the behavior of the crew (in the video above) with the virus among them not contained per the ships former Captain. Who ever organized that party should be fired as well. Standing next to each other cheering for a Captain that should have known better.


​Now fake news sources like CNN will try and make the most of it claiming a leadership vacuum and so on. The fact is the USS Theodore Roosevelt will continue on with a new Captain and a crew that may suffer for their irresponsible actions during a time of crises for us all.


As Navy Veterans we all know the safest place for a ship and crew is at sea. Crews should be quarantined and sent to sea. How ever that happens doit...




Weeks Ago Texans Not Good
Weeks Ago Texans SD Not Good
Texas Not Bad Off Yet?


Can you stand watching President Trump sparing with the daily briefing reporters who relentlessly attack him? It's now one of our favorite pass times. The President is literally playing whack a Mole as he fires back at fake news reporters like CNN Jim Acosta. Just what have these clown contributed outside of negative views and chaos?


We look for a silver lining in it all.


Here's one! So far Texas is rarely mentioned. It means we're doing something right. We haven't heard the constant moaning of we don't have enough PPE's, ventilators and so on. Remember we are battling the world for PPE's and supplies. N95's have now skyrocketed in price. 


While they fight and moan we are left to fend for ourselves when it comes to basic protection from COVID 19. 


As of today Texas has 6,862 confirmed 127 Deaths 127 Recovered


Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday reported an increase in the number of available hospital beds of nearly 140 percent — with 19,625 of them if needed in addition to 2,107 intensive care units — for use in treating coronavirus patients. We also have on hand almost 9000 ventilators. Not bad if we can keep the numbers low.


​Its been our view we should have all been wearing masks from the beginning. Hell, we don't know who might be a carrier. Since everyone can't get an N95 or even a simple surgical mask, Popeye demonstrated how to make a mask from a Bandana. It's better than nothing we think. With the help of an air filter we can upgrade the Bandana. 


For stress relief we do suggest a ride or a drive is a good thing. Just maintain social distancing guidelines.  For those with underlying conditions stay away from everybody which you can do riding your Bike or cage...


​If we do it right we'll keep our hospitals from over flowing, piece our economy back together and save lives.


​Ride Safe - Buy A Motorcycle Online. 




mel moss says...
"TX Update 4/6/20 7:17pm: 7,319 Confirmed Cases " (4/6/20)