Another Rogue Overzealous Police Force. After surrounding this teen he was shot 16 times by one police officer Jason Van Dyke.


What's more damning is what they did not do after the shooting, not one of the bastards made a move to give first aid for at least two minutes if at all, sound familiar? There were 8 other officers at the scene. They should also be on trial in our book.


Van Dyke and his partner exit the vehicle and almost immediately van Dyke begins firing. McDonald made no move toward the cops.

Van Dyke shot the teen 16 times, with nine bullets striking him in the back. He kept firing even after McDonald fell to the ground, twitching as he took his last breaths. Van Dyke started reloading his pistol until another officer told him to hold his fire.


Like Waco PD the Chicago PD has been sitting on this incriminating video for over a year. This means the killer who is now charged with Murder has been running around free. What makes it more incredible is he was on paid leave roaming about the country. The city should have fired him immediately. Instead they circled the wagons, now the city of Chicago will pay and pay dearly... 


There are too many similarities to the Waco shootings, especially the release of the videos. Chicago over a year and Waco now running past 6 months. We still remember the words "we can't wait to show you the videos".


Like Chicago, Waco will sit on the incriminating video that will show the truth. Unlike Chicago the Rogue police officers who gunned down bikers are probably back on patrol looking for their next victim...


The City of Chicago is ready to explode black leaders said this, “You had this tape for a year and you are only talking to us now because you need our help keeping things calm,”


​All Lives Matter Reyna should do the right thing tell the truth release the videos......uncut.



JBenny says...
"Very true" (11/24/15)