Note: We are not Professional Journalist, but who is nowadays.We are Citizen Reporters who seek truth in a system full of lies and innuendos. Always remember so called accredited media has access and are often called in to help spread a narrative by politicians, law enforcement and Judges. Truth is out the window in favor of the latest pitch.


This page is for the sole purpose to educate and inform the public as to the actual events surrounding the Massacre at Twin Peaks on May 17 2015. Trials are scheduled to start in September, 26 months after the incident. Abel Reyna and the Justice system of McLennan County and Waco are continuing in an attempt to bury and hide relevant evidence from the Twin Peaks shooting. They continue to spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to cover up the travesty they have perpetrated on over 100 innocent people. People who were there to attend a political meeting for TCOCI Members.


To quote one prominent defense attorney they (The McLennan County and Waco Justice System good olé boy network)  are having an "Oh Shit Moment" as they realized the stupid moves made by both Abel Reyna and Waco LE. Lies innuendos, cover up, jury rigging and gerrymandering has been and still is the order of the day. For the subsequent crimes they committed that day and beyond. Collusion between the Prosecutors and Judges is obvious to a blind person. The question now is can anyone receive a fair trial in a County so Corrupt.? How many innocent men and women have been sent to prison or locked up in a for profit jail?


In the days and weeks to come we will be posting the truth and facts revolving around the Twin Peaks incident. Ann effort to disclose the truth and what is being hidden by the Reyna Cartel in an attempt to convict innocent people and taint jurors in an attempt to get convictions for crimes LE committed.


A rigged grand jury has already cleared the officers involved in the shooting of any wrong doing without hearing or seeing the evidence to prove otherwise. So far no one has seen any video of the officers engaged shooting killing at will. 


Hang on to your seat as the truth comes out when the trials begin and officers start purgering themselves. If the Judge is fair?????