US Chamber  of Commerce CEO 
We find it interesting that US Chamber Of Commerce CEO Susan Clark calls out our dysfunctional goverment.  We just wonder what part this huge lobbying group played  in delivering the dysfunctional, corrupt government we see today? This shit filters on down to your local Kabal...


Ever hear of council of governments?  Here in Texas we got a bunch of them full of unelected people that spends our money on pet projects... 


Susan, the government Kabal is due to multiple reasons #1 being they stay to long. Holding office (any office) was never meant to be a carreer. The longer they stay in DC the more corrupt they become, to the point they are slave owners of a different kind and we are the slaves.


You've heard me say again and again the more they fight with each other the more we slip into a socialist abyss. It's worse than dysfunctional. It's by design, look around at what's happening.


GENEVA -- The Swiss town of Davos will host 52 heads of state and government and nearly 600 CEOs as the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in the Alps next week, organizers said Tuesday. These people, banks and corporations are plotting the great reset and they will control the plantation. #1 in our book is controlling our money through some type of digital currency that they can confiscate at will. 


Look around the EU is a Kabal of 700 legislators or bureacrats that show up once a month to get their check. Don't think our politicians aren't salavating over that! It's a money machine that would love to get into our pockets.


In our view the majority of people in office right now on both sides are thieves that manipulate in order to enrich themselves and their parties. To break the chain of corruption we must demand #1 accountability by all federal workers who plot to undermine the Constitution.


The politicians that are fighting for us are obvious, those that plot to undermine are obvious as well. We can't stress enough how important stiff accountability is in order including loss of benefits. They cannot get away with the damage done.


Hopefully we have a brave few that take the helm and turn this sinking ship. We've got to have the backbone to help..