Hello fellow Brothers & Sister, bikers across the nation ! This is the verry 1st Sasquatch report, reporting on the adventures of my club Sons of liberty riders - MC & RC .


We are the most politically involved club out there, we believe in change for the better in Politics. And the Constitutional rights of all Americans. Our President Mel Popeye Moss has inspired me to wright an article about the great things we do & I couldn't have picked a better time for my first report,


Because this September 1st. We embarked on a journey to visit our RC. Chapter near Madisonville Tennessee . We averaged 550 miles a day or 1100 miles in 2 days. We departed Grand Prairie, Tx @ K.S.U. 5:00am after Breakfast  @ the waffle house where we all met @3:30 am.


We arrived at the downtown Super 8 motel that evening in Memphis Tennessee  . And I want to give two thumbs up  to the Super 8 there 👍👍! Really friendly people And there hospitality was class A .


Then on morning #2 (KSU)@7am, Ye Haw ! We road from Memphis to Meet up with our Tennessee Club Brothers in Mont Eagle Tn. Where we had a great reunion and re-association. My first year in the club our two chapters met in Memphis, TN. but this year we road on out to our Brothers Home town .


It is Beautiful Country out here in the Appalachian Mountains . And plenty of curvy mountain roads to ride on and test you riding ability . We have been having a wonderful time here riding and partying together . We the Texas group are staying at Mountain view Cabins in Tellico planes TN.


I have to say they are class A, they are the most beautiful cabins I have ever had the privilege to stay in . With hunting & fishing decor trough out, and a river just outside the back door . Each Cabin can accommodate more 10 people or more if you don't mind sleeping on a comfortable couch. Equipped with a washer & dryer, just like home !


Well, I am having such a good time its going to be hard to leave here when it's time to go ! Today most of the Brothers are going to ride the Dragons Tail ! A very challenging and curvy road with more curves than Stormy Daniels !  318 + curves in a 11 mile stretch I was told .


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that every one will make it through with out incident . Ride safe Brothers ! A special thanks to the Downtown super 8 in Memphis Tn. & The Mountain view Cabins in Tellico Tn.


And a very special thanks to our hosts, the SONS OF LIBERTY RIDERS R.C. of TENNESSEE !  This has been the very 1st. Sasquatch report from Tellico Planes Tennessee ! I'll be back . And keep the rubber side down !