Texas Biker Radio #546 Final Cut

On April 7th we went to see FTW PD information officer, we know him as officer Buddy. Our main objective was to discuss safety issues we had the aggressive behavior toward Bikers that's uncalled for and the use of police vehicles around Bikers in motion.





Gang Data Corrupt: We went to FTW PD to seek redress for the actions of FTW Gang Units. Their  behavior has become lethal in our view. We know they are compelled per CCP 61.02 to collect data, but in the process is less than Constitutional. Matter of fact it's full of errors because of the way data is collected. Guidelines are not followed by the DPS or law officers across the State Of Texas. When stops are made by FTW gang data is not their goal, but harassment is. There is zero due process that anyone is a criminal, gang member or conspiring to commit a crime. Motorcycle Clubs are "NOT" street gangs..


 It is getting to the point of excessive force using their police cars, but really its beyond that.


Its More Than Collecting Data: Law enforcement entities are compelled by law to seek data, nowhere does the law say to the point of prolonged harassment, targeting, making threats to groups or individuals. Creating a crime where there is none, in this case the crimes are traffic stops real or not. the violations real or not, lane turns signals, turn signals 100 ft from intersection, over the cross walk, failure 2 feet on ground at stop, speeding but not really. This leads to a night in jail Bikes impounded, personal belongings taken away.


The general public isn't taken to jail for minor traffic stops such as these, nor would they put up with it. We understand they are compelled to seek data. There is no reason for bad or aggressive behavior by the law certainly not with vehicles around moving motorcycles. We feel an accident is eminent.


All this is done with zero due process or probable cause there is a real crime taking place or conspiring to comment a crime. They'll tell us they are investigating but in reality it's just harassment.  


Our visit turned out to be something more as we step to the plate. Enjoy the video April 11th 2023 7pm Texas Biker Radio News On Rumble.


Bikers are a reflection of the read of our society in America and Texas. Since the murder of George Floyd Police Departments have publicly said a few bad actor doesn't spoil the whole batch, we agree with that but somehow we are exempt by the law...    


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