Has anyone else been victims to Facebook Ads? It seems as though  there are some Overseas Fake Companies doing business with FB.


You purchase - You received emailed receipt -  You may get tracking # you can't track - Week Passes Two Weeks Pass Purchased items are no where in site. 


Two Companies we are looking into Social Discount Depot & Phonebibi are Facebook advertisers. If your Bank or CC sends you a warning it means that overseas business has been flagged ...."Beware". That's a Red Flag.


If you are experiencing scams from FB Advertisers let Us Know, we'll contact FB 

Drone Phonebibi



Phonebibi Update: After Contacting Phoebibi it was explained free shipping choice can take 30 to 60 days. That notice is on their shipping page if go to it during the process. They also told us the mini drone has been shipped to the customer. Happy Flying..