Report #7 By Sasquatch who's a Musician, Composer (see below) and Sons Of Liberty Rider MC Member. We love Sasquatch and do very little editing in his reports, otherwise it wouldn't be Sasquatch.


  Howdy everybody,Texas bikers and bikers across the Nation & beyond ! Welcome to The Sasquatch on the road report # 7. O1/20/2020 I'm planning on making this a special report, first of all I want to say Happy New Year to all the Brothers & Sisters of the biker nation 2020 ! We made it to the start of another decade .Yee Haw !


 We here at Sons Of Liberty Riders MC are working hard to quell the profiling of bikers
that has been mandated by our Government Federal, State & local levels including our State Governor Greg Abbot who we no longer support, for being an advocate of Profiling ! As many of us already know they(law enforcement) are opening Gang dataBases called fusion centers and basically wasting the tax payers money, yes there seems to be a rash of that going around our Government. When one database would be sufficient, in the entire State of Texas they want to build multiple ones all over the Fricken State of Texas not to mention the entire fricken Country ! Well, don't people go Ape Shit when they are spending someone else's money ? Totally ludicrous. Which leads me right back on top of my soap box for some class A bitching !
Well here we are the 20th century is now long gone & the Millennial's are now 20 years old! And What most Politicians promise is that things are going to get better ? Well look what's going on now ! What I see is just the opposite . The criminal element in our Government is trying to impeach our duly elected President, yes the one who has done more for this country in 3 years than any other President in history, so true ! And he hasn't done anything to deserve it. Its nothing but a hoax !


Since the Democrats have embraced the leftist they could care less about America or it's people, and let me make this crystal clear, they want to destroy America & Capitalism and usher in Socialism. It has been proven over & over again that Socialism does not work but these moronic Demonrats refuse to take a lesson from history and more importantly they do not care, they just lust for power at any cost & they will bring about the end of days for real ! Why You may ask ? The N.W.O. the newly forming one world Government (profisized in the good book) is promising these Democratic traidor's positions of the elites if they can get back in power and hand America over to there control, that's there plan, and dont you know they want to take us down so badly, because America stands in the way of their success of bringing Socialism and electronic slavery (The mark of the beast) to the entire world !


This is the time's we live in now and in case no one has told you it is the end times !


Brothers & Sisters I can not yell it loud enough that if the Democrats regain power we are in deep shit w/o a fricken paddle . After all everything that is wrong with our Government has the Democrats hands are all over it ! They are not the old School Democrats that cared about America .they are no such thing now but just the opposite!

And look at us bikers. All we want is to be free to ride are Scooters and be left alone in peace . Well sadly the corruption in our Government has made that impossible . They will not leave us alone until they have fleased us of every dollar they can take to put us off the road and take away our Constitutional rights that are fore fathers fought & died for !

 So I'm telling everyone reading this report. It's time to stand up and fight against this tyranny before it's to late and they take away everything worth fighting for including our Guns & our right to Ride ! In the words of are Founder & Cofounder of S.O.L.R. MC. Popeye & OG Aleis Mel & Mel ! when you are pulled over to be profiled by law enforcement Use the three R's


 Ride record & report . We need all the video evidence we can get on profiling by law enforcement as we are taking are evidence to the the next legislative session in Austin Texas to get a bill started against the Profiling of America.Bikers !

 And people this is only one of the tactics they are using against us . Apparently they think that anyone who ware's a Kutte or rides a motorcycle is a criminal and a gang member ! And they will include you in their gang data base without your knowledge or any due process . So it makes sense to check to see if your name is in there . Just in case ! And they have sunk to new lows to hinder our everyday lives . This is truly corruption in law enforcement we are not against law enforcement but we are against the corruption there in, yes the bad players who are on the take.


They have threatened businesses here in north Texas where bikers frequent that if they don't ban Kutte's & colors they will turn them into the T. A.B.C. the bureau that issues liquor licences in Texas . And some businesses are intimidated enough to to ban Kutte's & colors .And they stand to lose a bunch of profit for doing so ! Even though what you choose to ware is protected in the Constitution & the bill of rights under free speech or freedom of expression ! Will we let these leftist hacks take away are Constitutional & God given rights ? I for one will not .

Which leads me to my last complaint of this report

 I recently spent 3 days in face book jail for exercising my right to free speech ! Which s a Blatant disrespect of my Constitutional rights as an American citizen . I'm appalled that any company started in America is conducting themselves in this Manner they are obviously being run by leftist hacks who hate everything that America stands for & collecting every stitch of data possible on everyone who uses there site. Creepy bastards ! To me this is not tolerable & they do not deserve my respect or my participation To their leftism. And Pathetic I want everyone to know who's side face book is on. And it is not on the side of America or the righteous and they think they are to powerful to be brought down, to me they are a part of the enemy that wants to see America fall. And they are brainwashing are youth to beleave in there cause I say no Mr.Suckerterd get real or get gone, What we need is a new patriot's book that will educate against the evil of the leftist & their self destruction and hate for America .


Its no wonder to me as to why this country is divided it's because to many young people who live in this country are listening to the hateful leftist's an are against the survival of their own Country ! What a sad sad shape we are in people. And you can kick back & do nothing and watch it go down the Tubes or you can join are cause, and stand up and push back against the terrany that is trying to destroy our Country & take are rights as human beings and are love for FREEDOM ! That is my opinion and I'm damn sure sticking to it to the bitter end ! For & the Sons of Liberty Riders MC .

 This has been the Sasquatch on the road report # 7 . A special thanks to God for the Sons of Liberty Riders MC & all of are biker friends who believe in continuing the push back through peaceful rallies where the corruption of profiling is seen to be rampant in Texas.

 A very Special thank you to Mel Popeye moss & Mel OG Robbins of S.O.LR
MC for their tireless work in organizing & promoting are Freedom Rallies .And for their weekly Internet radio show @ And everything they do on behalf of our club ! O yea and thank you Geezer a man of few words, our National S.A. just for being you Brother ! And thanks to my soap box for holding up under the enormous pressure it took to get this message out ! Remember if you can Vote. And you love America Vote for Donald J Trump & Keep America Great in 2020 and as long as we can keep the rotten Demonrats out of office ! Sincerely Sasquatch .R.D.S.

And as always keep the rubber side down & ride safe everyone. Ride safe.


Well said Sasquatch,