Yesterday I witnessed electors from the GOP in the states of GA, WI, MI, NM, PA, NV and AZ stand up for the constitution and cast votes in defiance of Joe Biden and the stolen election. These brave patriots understand what many of us understand, our nation is Republic and is worth saving. Because of their bravery, it appears that our nation is now headed towards a contested election.

What does that mean? It means that the fight is not over yet. Not by a long shot. So now I am writing this letter to you to implore you to do the right thing and support President Trump on January 6th at the joint session of Congress. How can you do this?

First, when the challenge comes in the joint session of Congress on January 6th, I am asking you to stand with the President. Challenge each vote for Joe Biden. Work with your fellow Republicans to stop the blatant theft of this election. We have seen with our own eyes countless examples of blatant fraud, vote changing, and stonewalling by people in positions of power. We wanted a transparent election, and we got the exact opposite.

It is up to you, in this moment, to do your constitutional duty. You cannot certify a fraudulent election. It goes against everything we stand for as a nation. How can we expect to lead the free world, when we can’t even preform the most basic task of our government? It is your duty to protect our election.

As a Republic, we have remedies to this fraud. If and when this farce becomes a contested election, it will be incumbent upon you to support the President. He MUST win.

I want to be as clear as I possibly can be. If you do not support President Trump in his fight to stop this blatant fraud, I pledge to do the following.

I will actively campaign against you in your upcoming primary.

I will donate to your opponent.

I will cease all further donations to the GOP as a whole.

Please understand that my loyalty is to the country. If your position is to cling to power, and abandon our President, consider this your last term in the Congress. Our President is fighting for the soul of this country. A Biden administration will pack the courts, add states to the union, and steal the senate. They will push anti-gun legislation, effectively stripping of us of our 2nd amendment rights. They will open the borders and give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Any hope of a GOP majority in the Congress will disappear, and you will have done nothing to prevent it.

Now is the time to fight. Either step up and do the right thing, or kiss your career goodbye.

The choice is yours.