There is one thing that clear about the recent terrorist attacks. There were friends and family that knew the attackers had become radicalized. So much for see something say something from the muslim community. It aint going to happen, not now not never.

There is another pattern emerging many of the terrorist are the children of muslim immigrants. 1st generation muslim Americans, something is not right in those families, we must wonder whats being said around the diner table and the mosques. Clearly they have failed to assimilate into the American way of life. They are not an asset, they are a cancer and spreading like wildfire.


Multiple trips to the terrorist homeland and places like Pakistan and Syria doesn't seem to raise red flags for homeland security and the FBI. Once again we find they had run ins with these suspect but failed to look further than their nose for fear of being called racist or Islamophobic. 


Its in our view that these families actually become terrorist cells by preaching terrorist ideology, breeding, indoctrinating children to be future terrorist, right under homeland security & FBI noses.  


Read the koran, its anything but peace loving. When you do that with open eyes you will understand the indoctrination and mission of people gone mad... Convert or die..