Daren Kozlowski or close enough, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang  "Expert" from California that admitted he knew little about the Bandidos or Texans who clearly walk to a different beat from what he is used to in California. He brought his little slide presentation that he uses to indoctrinate Law Officers which included a collage of pics from 1947 Brando Wild One and the Sons of Anarchy. This is what we've been pointing out for the better part of two years.


These experts that run these seminars are out of date. They must keep the Outlaw Image for Bikers going in order to profit. Time changes for everyone except them and gang units within Law Enforcement, this is more about money and budgets than anything else. 


All the courtroom needed was popcorn.


He told Cassie Gotro he based his assumptions about Bandidos on people he had handled, that had flipped. They had committed all kinds of crimes. He seems to think they are 100% reliable since he's making a living selling the narrative that he's an expert on everybody that wears a patch, especially a Diamond patch.



My God how do you get in on this? DA's can pull experts out of a hat as long as they paying them to say what he or she wants or close enough to it. Just think there are Doctors that do the same thing, have actually quit their practices to become expert witnesses. the pay, the hotels and free meals, you see he has a monetary interest to keep it going. 


This expert was from California, people described him as full of himself and he accused the Bandidos of being so bad they hire good lawyers. HUH! The Judge striked that statement, we can't say that.


Of course the Judge who is Able Reyna's ex law partner is going to allow this so called experts testimony over the Defense Council Cassie Gotro's objections.


Court room Observers think the experts testimony was weak at best. I would have asked how much the DA is paying for his testimony?


Attack Attack Attack OMG Assessments which are weak...


The DA has yet to produce any evidence Carrizal did anything but send a message to go to Twinn Peaks for a TCOCI Meeting ...