It's said imitation is the best form of flattery others will try to latch on to your idea or success. If that's true we are doing something right. 5 years ago we were alone in the 911 Remembrance Ride Category in the DFW area or at least it seemed that way. One thing that hasn't changed is the Media's interest locally, sparse coverage was given on this important date locally.


Maybe it will change since others have joined in the Remembering the lives who died on 9/11/2001 and those who've made the ultimate sacrifice since fighting an enemy that's determined to see our destruction. We see this a good thing for all and we will keep doing Our Ride & Memorial Service each and every year in front of a true 911 Memorial, The Grapevine Flight Crew Memorial. The name speaks for itself, dedicated to the Crews and Passengers aboard  the aircraft that fateful day.


"Never Forget"