The Texas State Legislature sure closed with a wham bam thank you mam. I'm trying to figure out what the Joe Straus led House got done this session. I think maybe a whole lot of nothing and yesterday wasn't any better as head cases mostly democrats made fools of themselves in the Capital rotunda.

SB4 - Most of the protesters could not tell you what SB4 is about. They just hear the word Sanctuary City and they are all in, there were very few if any illegal immigrant protesters wearing T shirts saying I'm here and I'm illegal. 99% of them are working or standing on a street corner somewhere in Texas looking for work. They are not stupid!

It's was a well orchestrated show, an in your face show aimed at politicians. Mouths full of hate and threats. For some reason those on the left seem to think this works. I have my doubts about that and it's the reason not many illegals actually participate in this mess. Come out of the shadows. 


Especially in the State Capital Building.


Stupid is a disease that's spread by liberals hate for anyone that questions them or has ideas that do not match their agenda. Yesterday stupid quickly spread to the State House floor, where threats lies and innuendo fomented from the mouths of lawmakers and turned into a shoving match. We must ask ourselves was this real or fake? Maybe it was designed to take our eyes off of a horrible 85th Legislature. Don't think they never cooperate with each other.


Now the fake news runs wild with the disease in hopes of spreading it to you.

Are you stupid yet?


As Bikers who had Bills before this 85th Legislature we sit in awe that important Bills get thrown on the floor in place of the usual battles between the right and left. Even worse is the hate between party elites and those who follow them blindly.


It crosses the line when you incite violence against anyone. Politicians who incite the public to kill or attack should serve time for such actions. Especially if someone acts on it.

Proof Of the Disease


I'm not sure sanctuary cities is worth fighting over. Today politics is nothing but race baiting. Fighting among the races while politicians rob our children of their futures, all designed to keep them living a life of arrogant luxury and the American citizen in place.

It would do the people good to emulate American Bikers and Biker Clubs who have each others backs no matter ethnicity. We believe in God, Family & Country. Our Hispanic Brothers know if their Constitutional rights are being trampled on Sons Of Liberty Riders MC & The Loyal 9 will be there, ready to fight the fight of Liberty For All and in the face of tyranny.


Matter of fact we find MC's have more ethics than any political party out there. Just maybe we should have our own political Convention that features our concerns about our State & Country.

​In the end we feel it's going to come down to National Security & Economics of it all. We are a debtor Nation which means we must borrow money to maintain the path of self destruction we are being led into by bickering politicians.


We cannot afford to take care of the world. We are on the path of the E.U. which has sanctuary countries, they will collapse under the pressure of lax immigration policies and welfare systems. They are being flooded and soon their cultures will disappear into a 3rd world abyss.