We may beat the Charges from time to time but we are not going to beat the butt whoopin we're going to take getting there. In other words, harassment, being jailed for non criminal offenses, vehicles impounded, lawyers fees and so on. Not everybody can hang for that kind of beating. They depend on that, the exception was Waco where everyone refused plea bargains that would let Abel Reyna off the hook. you may not know how rare that was. Thank you Scooter Bergman.


All by design


Politicians (Government), Law Enforcement and the Courts have successfully circumvented our Constitutional Rights. Texas Defenders Paul Landers was correct when he pointed out the effects the Patriot Act has on our Constitutional Rights.


​Gone Gone Gone are your rights if they perceive you as any kind of a threat. Bikers 1% or not. Are not a threat to over throw the government, be a part of mass shootings, a threat to your neighborhood. What we are is the "Boogie Man" for more. More military hardware and secret fusion centers with no oversight, based on lies and propaganda. 


MC Members Independents, expect a hard ride no matter where you might be...


What can you do? In no certain order all are important. 


1: Take the MPP National Survey which gives us data we need. 

​2: Get to know your Representative State & Federal. Share your concerns. 

3: Share! Share! Share! Pass the word we are working for you.

​4: Donate to the cause it takes money (whatever you can afford)

5: Participate in Rallies

6 Be Bold!

7: Club Members Independents Join COCI in your region or other Bikers Rights Organizations. Do something! "Hell", run for office to spread the word.

8: Ride - Record - Report


The 1st Amendment still applies. The Law is really reluctant to go there, even in the worst of the worst counties in Texas. Like we did in Waco it's a tool we must use again and again until we hit a nerve. We must get politically involved to push for fairness from the law, the courts and government as a whole. Not only for ourselves but every citizen in the country.


2nd Amendment: Give an inch they will take a mile, one weapon at a time. There are those waiting to confiscate over your dead body if required.  


Whats going on in Milam County may be the perfect example of how it all works. If the courts colluding with the DA  think they will lose look for them to dismiss, if they think the can win on hearsay evidence from the Gang Databases / Fusion Centers or guilt by association (there are no guilt by association laws) they will go all in.


All in, on a man that was vetted by the state, issued a CHL, 24 Year combat Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient, 2 Bronze Stars, Honorable Discharge. It's obvious the government wants to attempt to destroy a reputation, a life. Not for a horrible crime, because he's in a Motorcycle Club... 


Stand Up! Stand Up for your country, your freedoms, your Club, your Brothers next to you!