Thinking of buying an electric vehicle? You had better do you due diligence. What the dealers don't tell you is about the hazards of lithium batteries and the cost of the vehicle itself and maintaining from minor maintenance and even minor crashes (fender benders).


Before you sign and drive away consider a few things. Depending on the brand check to make sure plenty of service centers are available not only in you area but around the country. we're not talking about charging stations. Service centers must me certified. Specialized center means special prices.



For instance Back in February, Rivian R1T owner Chris Apfelstadt was rear-ended in a pretty low-speed fender bender. The rear bumper looked a bit damaged but nothing too serious. However, after taking it to a certified Rivian repair shop, Apfelstadt said the total repair cost was an eye-watering $42,000.

According to Apfelstadt, the other driver's insurance company estimated the repair cost to be $1,600 and sent Apfelstadt a check. However, when he took his Rivian to one of only three certified shops in central Ohio, the repair bill was just a bit higher than that. The shop allegedly gave Apfelstadt a detailed cost breakdown, documented every step of the repair, and provided photos for proof. The $42,000 repair cost, along with Apfelstadt's rental car cost, was very close to maxing out the other driver's $50,000 insurance payout limit. Just think if this was your fault?


It's the very reason insurance prices for electric vehicles are high.


Estimated sticker milage is done by a lab, down hill and wind to their backs, just kidding! Weather effects batteries in extreme heat and extreme cold. Texas heat can use up to 30% of battery power, your ev is now struggling due to power consumption, maybe get 150 miles?


Car Carrier Fire

We suggest you install a loud smoke alarm in your garage just in case. Lithium batteries have been known to catch fire. 


A car carrier last week caught on fire with 3787 cars onboard over 498 of those were EV's. Thats up from the 25 they reported earlier. Speculation was the fire was due to the EV's, even if they weren't the cause they contributed to the arability to put the fire out. Intense heat was literally melting the steel hull and walls. 



We can show you one video after the other of EV bicycles, motorcycles that go up in smoke in this video is a HD Live Wire. Understand once you buy it your stuck, there is virtually no resale market as of now.


Government's across the world including ours are pushing EV's and promising car companies they are going to force us into vehicles we don't want or can't afford to buy and operate. There are huge pitfalls that the average buyer has no clue about and that includes environmental pitfalls. 


$5,000 to $20,000
Average Battery Replacement Costs If an EV is no longer under warranty or if its battery is damaged in an accident and isn't covered by insurance, Recurrent estimates the out-of-pocket cost for a replacement ranges from $5,000 to $20,000.Apr 24, 2023


Hybrid batteries are definitely cheaper with Prius at the lower end a hybrid battery can last 11 years, if car is in great shape they are worth the money according to our research and first hand knowledge. Yes, Popeye owns a Ford Hybrid.


Bottom line is do your own "due diligence", the cost of not only the vehicle, but insurance, number of certified repairs stations, cost per hr, battery disposal and so on.