As we go about our business this Sunday morning we find our Nation has possibly been hit by another home grown terrorist. The situation is still fluid since we first heard 20 dead and now a police press conference has now reported 50.

As we watch this press conference we once again see a stark difference between this and what we saw in Waco. Once again we see a stream of law officers and politicians getting their face time in front of the camera thanking each other for the wonderful work they are "paid" to do.

One thing that's very telling is a representative from the muslim community was present to put in his two cents to say how saddened they were for this attack and asking the muslim community to cooperate, wink wink. If he's there you know this is terrorism, its a new tactic muslims have used since the San Bernadino attacks last year. Get out front and deny. We'd like to know who invited him or if he knew in advance...Just sayin...


Now lets look at the press conference held in Waco where we got an endless stream of Sgt Patrick Swanton who spewed an endless stream of half truths, fiction, innuendo aimed not only at the guilty of fighting in the parking lot but at the innocent that had no clue due to law enforcement negligence or design.


Think about it terrorists are given better treatment than American citizens. Did Waco / Mclennan County give a minute to motorcycle ministries to comment? How about a spokes person from the COC?

They go out of their way to protect those who would murder us all but are completely willing to kill Bikers who have been misidentified as some type of enemy in which we are not...

Shame on Waco / Mclennan County and the Good Ole Boys, shame on our government.

Stand up Bikers, Stand up for yourselves, Stand up for the Biker next to you, Stand up for your community, Stand up for your country...