What does the following have to do with Bikers. The answer is "everything"! Since our community is more than likely to suffer at the hands of a two tiered system. laws created and enforced upon us, not them. Law Enforcement and the courts has been subverting Constitutional laws meant to protect the people while they demand Constitutional Rights for themselves.


Our very freedoms ride on pushing back on what we see as tyranny. 


If your like us which many of you are your sick and tired of turning on the local and national fake news channels and seeing the rich and well connected get off scot free. For you libs, millennial's, gen x, gen z and headcases that means, 'to get away with something without being punished'.


Let's take stock and see just who might walk?  Let's use a short list, just off the tops of our head and in no particular order.



They've immunized themselves from the laws they create for us. Majority are thieves and liars. All levels of government including our local school boards. Nobody is watching the hen house. It's incredible they've carved themselves careers out of positions that were never meant to be careers and you talking about benefits with the ability to enrich yourself and family members. Scot Free Baby!


Law Enforcement:


Right now there are members of the FBI that should be in jail. Instead they might be on book tour, like politicians. They too live in a world outside of the one we live in. All the way down to our local podunk police departments they are protected from the laws they enforce or crooked DA's & courts like McLennan County TX for example. As motorcyclist we've seen it first hand and continue to do so.


They commit more crimes than all motorcycle clubs put together, just another example. 


The Rich:


Having the ability to lawyer up or buy politicians must be fun as hell. Of course there's always someone waiting to take you down. Especially if you might be white or light skinned nowadays.


NFL owner Robert Kraft has been caught with his pants down trying to by a little nookie. A guy that should know better goes for a dip and the crooked law will throw in the tag "human trafficking" just for good measure, true or not. looking at the pic above we're not to sure that would have been money well spent. Really!


Juzzie Smollet!  Fame will get you lawyers even if your broke and that seems to be the case and will also be his defense for staging an attack on himself. Of course like Obama he will get points for being a mixed puppy (part black).


Lets watch these two examples and see if they walk or get off with light sentences. 




They are fixated on tearing our country apart from within. Our schools, universities, media and government is loaded with them. They walk in lock step, they categorized all of us and use it to divide, to push their agenda which is socialism. They operate unchecked. Given immunity by politicians. In the past few years they have come out of the closet. Who are they? democrats, politicians, teachers, unions, actors, media of all forms.


What do they all have in common? They are group thinkers, gullible and easily lead to their own destruction.  


Illegal Aliens: 


​Thanks to democrats, the law is no longer the law for them. Illegals have been given rights they should not have in this country. They are here illegally. Catch and release is working for them, not us. We are the ones who foot the bills for this debacle that's been going on 30/40 years now.  We cannot take in the worlds poor, we will go broke and that's the direction we are headed without massive taxes on us. Even that will not correct the massive debt we keep creating.



Media (fake news included) 


They can lie, slander, vilify and call it free press. It's protected by the 1st Amendment so we have to be careful of what we are being told and remember it's all designed to nudge you and your family in a certain direction.


TV - Movies - school 


You should watch what your children are viewing and being taught, most are teaching through a government design curriculum, remember they are being nudged. They are unaccountable since we've failed to monitor them. it's totally lawless.


The list Goes ON & ON