Profiling after Toy Run


On Friday night 11/29/19 the Blacklands Chapter  was leaving the Rail Club in Fort Worth after another successful Toy Run Event. They didn't make it far before the entire Chapter was pulled over and went through the usual drill of questions, photos and bull shit searches. Its sick enough that the harassment squad in Fort Worth chooses a Charitable Event to collect data on an MC. 


Its true Motorcycle Profiling has been pulled back somewhat but maybe not in Fort Worth where the R&G Chapters continue to experience nothing more than what we know is harassment. One must consider the Blacklands Chapter just won their day in court against the FTW Gang Unit. Was this about data collecting or more about payback?


They were stopped for failure to stop at a stop sign but no tickets were issued. Thats something we are seeing more of since 1% Members are opting for court instead of plea bargains and just paying fines. Not everyone can afford that move but most of all its very ballsy and Blacklands Chapter Members has 'em along with a host of others like Patrick, Dustin, Carrizal, Tommie and hundreds of Bikers involved in the Waco mess.


It's the videos that comes our way from these kind of stops that are really important. Everyone of them are evidence for those of us who work in the Legislative, Political and Constitutional realm. Lord help them if we find a major crime taking place while Fort Worth PD is spending time harassing Bikers, any Bikers! That scenario is high considering all the crime that's taking place in North Texas everyday and night.


The whole episode caused Texas Biker Radio to issue a Motorcycle Profiling Alert on Youtube. Updating their database does not prevent the kind of crime that's now has north Texas citizens heads on a swivel.  Once again the Blacklands MC complied with all the BS demands with no probable cause for the harassment they were getting. Of course FTWPD will claim its part of their investigation don't ya know?


Thank you Blacklands Chapter Members for the video and details. 


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