As Bikers, we tend to look at thinks a little differently, when you talk to us you are going to get the truth as we know it. Our beliefs are based on American Freedoms and The Constitution that protects those Freedoms.


Freedom of the open roads is not just bullshit, it’s real, embedded in our souls. We are the Last Free Spirits In America (Butch Popeye Moss). We will not bend or waiver from those values no matter who threatens to take them away. Recent history has opened our eyes. We can no longer sit and say nothing as those who would threaten our freedoms vilify and screw us all.


We have the tendency to wander a bit so hang on for the ride..

This is the reason we are “All For 1.

After the actions taken by a hate filled progressive shooter in Washington DC it made me sit back think a little and then go into the history of it all. You can go way back to find the roots of progressive evil that has infiltrated our political system & society. During the Obama administration it all went into hyper drive. Racial division and hate a #1 priority in all directions. Immigrants over Americans. We are now seeing the results, in the streets, the media, the arts, the law, the government. All designed to control every aspect of our lives. 

Exactly where are we now and can we reel some of this “deep state” bullshit and outright anarchy in?

Let us point out no matter how much the TX DPS & FBI try's, it’s not Bikers or so-called Biker Gangs that’s the root of the problems in this country and never have been. Bikers or Biker gangs are not even a blip on the richter scale. That being said we do have an opinion about it all. 


What we see going on in our country is the direct result of years of neglect by the voters. That means electing the same political thugs and family names over and over for decades. They have built themselves empires now protected by the deep state. federal workers have now appointed themselves judge, jury and executioners to protect the progressive system. 


Like they said in the Wild Hogs Movie - "They Are Just Here To Kill Us". 

The attacks on Bikers are very much like the attacks on the Trump administration, by many of the same government entities and using the same tactics. #1. Vilify, lie, innuendos, entrap, investigations that never end. It doesn’t take much digging to find out who the agencies are that has an all-out campaign against Bikers and the President.


It's in our view when Texas law enforcement allows themselves to be used, collaborate, receive money and military grade equipment they have become an arm of the deep state. Their mission terrorize and control the population using any and all means. Especially against those that might stand up and fight back. As veterans we know it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out when we are together. A TXCOCI mtg, Biker event or just hanging out anyplace Bikers gather. 

The embedded progressive deep state within our government, intelligence agencies, lower courts and DOJ is dangerous to us all. What other countries might this exist? What does history tell us? 

It’s shades of Communism Marxism or whatever label you want to put on it.  This shit has taken over an entire political party and the leadership of both at times. We’re not big believers in conspiracy theories but the communist manifesto seems to be being played out before our very eyes. We are believers in what we actually see and history. It’s not fucking good!


Can we ratchet back some of the viciousness & hate we see going on from the progressive left. Ask yourself who is behind the deep state thugs that exist throughout our federal & state governments? It's not just George Soros who is the king of kings of those who seek to destroy our way of life.


Whats the end game? Is there an end? 

The answer to that may be by looking at our children and grandchildren who are getting daily doses from progressive teachers embedded with the system.

Note: our children do not use Facebook to communicate. They are on other social media and the shit coming from there is eye opening. The back and forth, much of it gang related threats of violence toward each other. Pics of punks waving hundreds of dollars bragging about their night out and how much money they made. I’m thinking to myself, the police must be having a field day with this? 

It’s not the case, why fuck with HS kids when you can vilify easy targets like the Bandidos or any other 1% motorcycle clubs. You just reach back in your catalog of hype, lies, innuendos, contact fake news. On top of it all plant a few CI's to create hate filled turmoil to push things along. There ya go, It's much easier than chasing HS kids and dangerous drug cartels.

You might want to take it away from the realm of Bikers, who are for the most part Patriots, Conservative / Constitutionalist. That’s not a party label it’s an American label.

Who else has fit that category and has been vilified and investigated by progressive left and media? That would be anyone who questions the ideology and agenda of the progressive left. It’s pretty simple.  

Think about it, 60-year-old Constitution & Flag waiving Tea Party members were never a threat to anyone, yet the deep state government lead by the newly weaponized IRS went after them by staging raids, auditing, demanding membership list, threats, media vilification. The old folks basically told them to go get fucked…

Here’s our point, unless we act there is no end. We do not see the civility displayed by those in Washington DC to last but a few days. The progressives see this as a strategy that’s working. They've been at it for a century and counting. Whether it helps them win elections or not remains to be seen.


Sons Of Liberty Riders MC

Our job as Bikers is. In order to save our lifestyle whether you are in a Club or an Independent / Patriot, is to expose those who would take our Freedoms and Constitutional Rights away.

Right now, in Texas the epicenter of that is Waco Texas

Sons Of Liberty Riders MC members are political activist who defends the Constitution and the rights of those who have had their Constitutional Rights violated. We do this through peaceful means and demonstrations with nothing more than a Bible & The Constitution.


We also create our own Media through Texas Biker Radio that is internet driven. How it works is simple. Just pass it on to your friends.


We are stronger when we are together. 


We are not afraid nor will we stand down in the face of progressive or government led tyranny. 


We are proud member of The Texas Legislative Strike Force