"Only In McLennan County"


Can you find citizen police alumni being indoctrinated by the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang people from youtube fame or maybe the Waco PD. We wonder if Sgt Swanton is speaking?  


First question you ask yourself is why?

Then if your savvy you figure it out.

Note, these citizens are not certified police officers. They exist all across the country. They are just informed citizens who've been given training in local police departments procedures on what they can and cannot do as one department says. In other words they are indoctrinated and have less power than a mall cop. Observe and report, most are not to engage the public, although some can enforce parking tickets.


OMG they failed to watch the meter maid reality show on TV. They often end up in a confrontation. In our book these volunteers maybe stealing some one's job.


We see them often in the DFW area, riding around in a gas guzzling SUV wasting tax payers dollars so they can have a personal thrill with uniform and all. You can bet those in the pic above are not patrolling in the hood and other areas where crime exists and "the people" need real help.


​They surely are not chasing down harassing Bikers and mystical OMG's from the 70's 80s & 90's. If they cold ask us we'd point them to where real crime exist. It's obvious and in the news everyday, but they are too busy being indoctrinated citizens, nothing more. 


Here's our take. Give someone a whistle, a badge, a uniform, maybe a police looking car. It's a recipe for disaster in the age of cop killers. It's a matter of time if it hasn't already happened.


On second thought, they would be better off with a Biker for protection.



Understand this convention is the first in a wave of news to set the narrative, there's a lot more to come along with a massive law enforcement presence armed to the teeth during the trials


"This Time In Plain Site"... .  


We're just sayin...