A number of videos are circulating on social media showing a heavily armed “Black Militia” swarming Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.

As many as 200 African-Americans in military-style uniforms rallied on Independence Day, claiming to be part of a group known as the NFAC, an acronym for “Not F**king Around Coalition.”


Black Supremacy? 

According to the group’s founder, who goes by the title Grand Master Jay, the militia is made up of “very disciplined,” ex-military who do not want to talk or negotiate.

“The solution is very simple,” Grand Master Jay said in a video uploaded to Twitter. “We follow a declaration of liberation, declaring every African-American descended of slavery a political prisoner here in the United States, and that was affected by the Portuguese slave trade, and then, after that, the United States have the choice: Either carve us a piece of land out here. We’ll take Texas and let us do our own thing, or don’t stop us when we… go somewhere where they will give us our own land to build our own nation.


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TBR Comment: Clearly the leader  of Not F**kin Around Coalition has not done his homework (maybe he never). If he had, he would understand Texas land is over 95% privately owned. "Nobody" would give it up without a serious fight.


They might carve them some land out in downtown Austin or Houston where liberals run wild, but not anyplace else we can think of. We're not about to give up land by force to anyone. On top of that we have plenty of experienced military Vets living in Texas and no shortage of ammo. 


We suggest you look to other options General Jay, like outside the USA. Don't go to Africa they would eat you alive. 


Understand there was another group that had the same idea. CHOP it was called. They took land by force and called it sovereign territory (CHAZ). They had no idea how to self govern other than spur of the moment force. They were so paranoid they built a border wall, quickly segregated themselves. There were no laws in CHOP, just slogans of hate painted everywhere. It was shades of a communist revolution, it was a crime ridden country with rapes and murder, no hospitals to take the sick and wounded. CHOP had no economy. To survive they would need outside help and with outside help there comes outside influence. From the minute CHOP was formed there was infighting for power and control of its people. 


CHOP was destined to fail as a sovereign country because it fake. A country built on false misguided promises and anarchy by people in the background stirring up hate. The mission of the people in the background is about an election, not the shitty ideals of CHOP. 


Think Hard General Jay, building a Nation on hate alone is not a recipe for success.  


TBR Quick Note: General Jay preaches that Blacks have nothing else to lose. Look around at the success Black people that work hard has had. There is no shortage of successful Black people. Under General Jays leadership that would end. 


This would make us wonder if the new Nation of Not F**kin Around Coalition would welcome all the white spouses of black movie actors and sports figures? What form of government would they have? Even with Black Communism you need other peoples money. The question is, are you willing to foot the bill for General Jays pipe dream, we doubt it. 


Democrat leaders spent Billions on inner city education systems. What we're seeing today is the results of it. Although there is not a person living today that was ever a slave, they see themselves as victims, they see whites and America as evil. We are not going to change that mindset anytime soon and maybe never without conflict. 


This is a glimpse of your children's future if you surrender. 


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