On our last Texas Biker Radio Show I brought up the fact that when the next police officer, citizen or citizens are murdered at the hands of terrorists it will be the fault of law enforcement Homeland Security, FBI, DEA, Texas DPS just to name a few. For decades they've been chasing fictitious enemies like biker gangs or OMO's.


​By fictitious enemies we mean the law has sensationalized everything to fit their narrative and make it bigger than it really is. Confidential informants have admitted they actually made moves to start trouble where there was none.


The recent arrest of 3 Bandidos and the sensational headlines it brought is laughable and is not going to shake anyone's house. The percentage of bikers involved in criminal activities pales compared to real gangs, criminal organization and cartels.


We're not saying bikers involved in criminal activities should not be arrested or excused because they are just a small percentage of criminal activities. Sooner or later that boat runs aground but it rarely sinks the ship. Club members involved in criminal activities have to decide whether spending all the money, court battles and jail time is worth it all. 


What we are saying is the criminal activities of bikers doesn't even register on the criminal richter scale compared to society as a whole. Houston lawyer Kent Schaffer, who has represented Bandidos for more than 30 years, said there are more police officers indicted on felonies every year in the Houston area than Bandidos.


We are saying we've seen the real enemy and it ain't us. We think the focus is on the wrong people. Bikers are not the enemy 1% or No %.


This is 2016 not 1970's or 80's


Bikers are not murdering our Nations police, Bikers are not trying to murder innocent US citizens, Bikers are not trying to knock down buildings, Bikers are not trying to destroy America all in the name of a religion. 


​God knows LE needs the help. The latest terrorist had made trips to the mid-east and wasn't on anyone's radar "again".


Hello Hello


We should warn Texans. Texas is ripe for an attack. We are riding in a ship of fools, steered by incompetents. Texas and the Nation can be brought to its knees within minutes and we have the Law Wasting time on fictitious enemies of their own making.


Think Not? Just Wait... 






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