McLennan County's Judicial systems attempt to prosecute up to 177 people for same cookie cutter crimes depends on labeling the men and women "all" as part of a Motorcycle Street Gang (your rights out the window). The term itself is an oxymoron since Motorcycle Clubs are not the real definition of a street gangs. Not the type gangs that law enforce would have you believe they are. Matter of fact they are not street gangs at all. If you care to look further than your own nose it's not hard to figure out. Most of law enforcement's innuendos and hype are myth nothing more. We call it spin that made for fake news and so called gang experts that sell books. 


Motorcycle Clubs criminal activities compared to real street gangs are so small the shouldn't even appear in law enforcement gang assessment reports.  Even the DPS's report had to struggle to get the Bandidos and La Familia to a tier 2 gang. It was stupid and looked as if was a cut & paste job. 

They ain't the Bloods and Crypts.


Matter of fact the Federal Governments definition of gangs is so loosely written any group of 3 or more could be designated as a gang. Maybe we should add Outlaw Public Officials (OPO's) to the list or how about the whole McLennan County Judicial System (3 or more people) who misuse their powers on a daily basis in order to convict the innocent. Conspiring to deny defendants their Constitutional rights, like the rights to a fair and speedy trial. Hello Able Reyna & Judge Strother!


​We've seen enough lying, rigging, confiscating, for profit jails, manipulating in the courts and law enforcement to label "them" a "GANG". 


"It's laughable". Depending on who's definition of gang you use state or federal it's so vague you could include the democrats, republicans and law enforcement itself as gangs (see below) since they conspire to give cover and commit far more crimes than all the Motorcycle Clubs put together in the U.S..


  "criminal street gang' means any ongoing organization, association or group of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, having as one of its primary activities the commission of one or more of the criminal acts, having a common name or common identifying sign or symbol, and whose members individually or collectively engage in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity.


​In our opinion anytime OPO's go behind closed doors they are conspiring against individuals or the public, whether it be the congress, senate, city officials, county commissioners and the judges chambers. Hiding from the public important information they should know. It's a mafia type move. "Hang 'em All" in six shooter junction.



The Waco Tribune  actually mentioned the attempts to label in a recent article. Able Reyna is going to try and introduce like 13 altercations that has nothing to do with most of the 177 defendants and a TXCOCI meeting. The question might be what part did under cover officers and confidential informants play in these altercations, did they actually fan the flames? We think the Cossack's might be able to blow this thing wide open, especially if they were made to think Waco PD had their backs before they ambushed and killed their members. Of course they are the only ones who might that know that? Then again the ambush came out of nowhere and then it was dive for cover time..

If Able Reyna is allowed to smear the innocent in the media and courtroom, in turn the defense should be able to bring up crimes committed by OPO's so the jury has something to compare to. The fact is when a Waco public official said "Our Gang" is bigger than your gang. He was telling the truth, they have badges and black robes. 


We're always saying if you want truth ask a Biker, they will always tell you the truth as they know it. We are going to give you the truth of it all. In a recent Texas Biker Radio Show we discussed groups and the single mind theory of gang related law enforcement. 


Almost Nobody

Any person that might be a member of a Motorcycle Club or any other Club in America (doesn't matter what type), nobody walks in lock step 100%, "nobody"! Not the Bandidos, Cossacks, support Clubs or any other group in America. Motorcycle Clubs / Chapters come together, split up and die all the time. Opinions and back ground chatter will drive Club leaders wild.  It would be a miracle from God if everyone agreed with leadership 100% all the time. Just doesn't happen! Motorcyclist have strong opinions there is no doubt. No different than the rest of our society, we are all over the place politically and otherwise.


Especially when it comes to committing crimes and murder.


Please we are not in the 1970's or 80's, motorcyclist ride expensive machines, have families, own businesses and jobs which includes jobs with security clearances. Common sense tells us not 100% would agree to commit crimes and murder, ever! Not when it comes to your family, businesses and livelihood!


Most MC's have what might be considered a military structure and all Military men which a huge percentage of Bikers are, training tells us we are not required to follow an unlawful order. That being said all Americans seek some since of order and that's what MC's and Organizations like the TXCOCI provides. Motorcycle Clubs has a diverse range of missions, veterans, charitable, motorcycle safety and very few walk in lock step. Weekend events are about their missions, not busting heads as law enforcement MC's claim. 


It's a rare breed that's willing to die over a patch and there is one thing we can guarantee it's not 100% like law enforcement and the media suggests. In the end Bikers are people. Americans who are never 100% on anything, turn on the fake news.



There are Members of the TXCOCI that would not question the move of the meeting to Waco. There is nothing usual about moving the meetings around the regions, it happens all the time. No one has ever asked our group to participate in any kind of criminal activities ever and we never bat an eye when told the meeting is held one place or the other!


No group in America agrees 100%! So we submit to you it's common sense, it's impossible for 155 or 177 Bikers to be charged with the same crimes and conspiracy just because you have been indoctrinated by the law. The law is more likely to walk in lock step than MC's because they can and will get away with it if you let them.  


But where do you find common sense in McLennan County? Not in Able Reyna's office for sure...