With 100's of spaces, matter of fact an entire empty parking lot in front of them. The pins heads that piled out of this vehicle couldn't see they were not only blocking the sidewalk , but the handicap spaces next to it. Look closely and you see this monster is over the yellow line and into the handicap spot. But then again maybe they did see and didn't give a shit? 


laws For Them Laws For Us


Just because we see it doesn't mean we have to put up with it. We're certainly going to complain in writing. Maybe just maybe there is someone in charge who gives a damned . It's not likely considering the behavior of their special police units in FTW.


!)  Blocking the sidewalk

2) Blocking handicap spaces

3) crossing the yellow line into a handicap space

4) denying wheel chair access

5) parking in a to go spot

6) Inconsiderate of handicap people

7) Brain dead


we're Just Sayin