In the never ending search for truth the one true thing we've found is, ask a "Biker"! You will find you will get the truth every time as he or she knows it. "No holds barred", they will tell you what they know as truth and what they think about it..


Why do we bring this up?


Look at our President, Look at our politicians, look at our judicial system, look at our media (including social media), hell, look at Patrick Swanton. Truth gets buried in a whirlwind of lies 90% of the time when it involves those that think they are holier than thou.


The Nudge



Always be aware of the nudge, it's a tactic used to push us all in a certain direction, to accept the unacceptable. The nudge is used by, Politicians, Political Groups, Advertising, Polls, TV, Radio, Internet, Printed Media, Books, NFL, NBA, Schools at all levels and aimed at all age groups. It doesn't matter what skin color you might be they work everyday to push you into a category.


We are blasted by the nudge 24/7 and it has pushed us into the society we see today, hell bent on destroying not only each other but the entire country.


Evil Comes
Evil Comes

Our President and those that are of the same mind are flooding the country with illegal immigrants in an effort to change the political landscape in their favor forever and in the process the nudge has delivered us pure evil into our country and the nudge is making it acceptable to those who are unaware of what the nudge looks and sounds like..


Want the Truth? Ask a Biker..