BREITBART TEA PARTY 2010 from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


My Friend Breitbart was right in everything he said in this video clip from 2010.


We Are The New Media 


In today's new wave of social media we have the ability to research, create new media and take part. There is a deteriorating news media full of liars, communists and political lap dogs for one party over the other.


We've pointed out for years that the mainstream media gets its marching orders from the DNC and the White House. We call it fax journalism. Your not stupid because you can see the same talking points verbatim on any news cast and network each day. It shouldn't make any difference what side of the political spectrum you may be on, because we are all being lied to and nudged to accept lies as truth. Global Warming and Moderate muslims comes to mind.


Dan Rather CBS Move Over


NBC just may be the worst, but they are all capable of the nudge and outright lies. Brian Williams is just the latest example. But it's not just him, along with him were news crews and producers that knew better. The management of NBC was in on the lie because they had been warning Williams for years to stop telling the lies.


NBC may be on the path of self destruction, you have to look no further than the hiring of  MSNBC's  Al Sharpton, a liar, racist, tax cheat and shakedown artist. Is this the guy you want delivering you the news? Somehow NBC thinks so..


We Have The Power


We have the power to turn things around, we have the power to influence what we see and read in the media. What we need to do is take the lefts on play book and go to the source and bring the public along with us. In your daily travels keep your cell phone cameras at the ready. Nothing works better than a live eye witness report.


Post it using your social media and send it to us at


Together using social media we are political power. step up speak out on our next show..


Bikers Unite! 


Lets Roll...


Mel and Andrew



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