On April 2nd 2016 12:30PM


Tarrant County Sheriff Run Off Candidate Bill Waybourn will be speaking to the Region 2 Legislative Strike Force at American Legion Post 379 in Bedford TX. These meetings are open to the public. Bring a friend.


In recent weeks we've seen poor behavior out of a Fort Worth police officer attempting to pepper spray passing motorcyclist. We must ask ourselves just what kind of training are police officers receiving nowadays across this Nation? Are police being trained to kill rather than protect & serve? It certainly seems that way when an off duty police officer guns down two teens for trying to steal a radio from his car. Just what kind of screening is going on that would allow this type personality to have a badge and gun, even pepper spray?


Bikers are not going to win in the streets against law enforcement.


Where we are going to win is in the political arena were law enforcement is their own worst enemy. We see it almost every night on TV, murders, beatings, cover ups, lies and innuendos.




Minority communities have turned on LE and soon others will follow with a great public outcry.


Our Job is to organize All Across Texas:


In politics we make a difference by organizing and supporting candidates who will do no harm to our community and taking out those who will.


We're not asking for special favors. We are asking to be treated fairly like any other American citizen under the Constitution. Give all Americans due process, fair, speedy and honest trials without having our property stolen by the law.  


Every time we win even the smallest of battles we take a tool they no longer have. In the case of Waco the defeat of Sargent Swanton was big. Just think of him as Sheriff of MClennan County.


Fort Worth "Pepper Spray City", with a Sheriff that's never given bikers the time of day. Tarrant County Bikers now have the ability to take away another tool of the good ole boy system with some one who walks to a different tune, some one who believes in the Constitution and due process.


It feels good when we win or keep a bad apple out... 


The internet and video gives us great power, it can multiply our message a thousand times over.