BREAKING NEWS: Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman gave DA Abel Reyna the keys to his badge

Paul Looney, whose firm, Looney & Conrad, did the research and initial draft of the motion to disqualify Reyna that was heard Monday, announced today that, after hearing all the evidence Monday, he is of the opinion Reyna is in serious danger of having his entire office disqualified from all Waco biker cases. If disqualified, a substitute attorney will be appointed by the District Judges. Looney doubts any other attorney in America will continue the prosecution of most of those currently charged.

The testimony of Reyna and the Waco Police authorities place Reyna in the untenable position of being a necessary witness and the responsible prosecutor in all biker trials. Somebody is lying about the decision making process that resulted in the arrest of 177 bikers at Twin Peaks. Either all of the police are lying, or, Reyna is. There is no way to reconcile the contradictions. Somebody is telling abject lies. "The testimony clearly showed Chief Stroman gave Reyna the keys to his badge and Reyna ran with it," said Looney.

Reyna caused 177 people to be arrested even though not one Waco Police official agreed with the appropriateness of such an over-the-top course of action. Looney is of the opinion that no valid theory in law supports the extreme actions taken at Reyna's instruction following the Twin Peaks episode last year. "A horrible situation was made much worse. I can only attribute Reyna's decisions to extreme ambition. It had nothing to do with seeking justice," said Looney. Seeking justice, as we all know, is the only thing any District Attorney has the power to do.

Looney is so confident of the potential for disqualification that he volunteered his partner, the esteemed appellate attorney, Clay Conrad, to draft the legal brief for Judge Johnson pointing out the reasons for disqualification. In a couple of months we should have a final ruling. In any event, Looney is of the opinion, based on the evidence in the Monday hearing, that Reyna's grandiosity resulted in the illegal arrest of most of the people facing charges as a result of the Twin Peaks mess.