It's more than disturbing that an unmarked aircraft in the dark of night can be loaded with almost a half billion in cash and in small bills without one stitch of oversight by the people who are suppose to watch tax payers dollars. You know the ones that say they control the purse string of our country. Where in Gods name is accountability for anyone? 

We'd like to know just where in the hell is congress and what does this say about them? Would the word worthless come to mind? How about heads up their ass? We are just about to the point we are going to start visiting some offices and asking some questions and demanding answers with cameras in tow.


First of all we are not stupid, of course this was a $450 mil ransom payment. Even one of the hostages said their plan was not allowed to leave Iran until the plane with the cash arrived. "Bingo"!


Listen closely to Judge Napolitano below..the interest on $400 million.

Former UN Ambassador Bolton said the UN tribunal has been going on for 36 yrs, there was absolutely no reason to capitulate, especially in unmarked cash that will be used to fund terrorism around the world. 

Are you pissed yet?