Ignorant & Stupid
During the Twinn Peaks saga we learned law enforcement and Abel Reyna's crew were ignorant of the facts. Most of their data was based on misinformation, hype and myth from decades past. It didn't take us but 24 hours to have them pegged and years later it didn't take a jury very long to see through the fantasy they had created. It gave Bandido Jake Carrizal a well deserved mistrial for speaking truth and being who he is. A proud and professional motorcycle rider. 

Abel Reyna's inability to get plea bargains from the Bandidos or Cossacks for a period of years was nothing more than a miracle. He thought they would come to him begging for relief of their situations. He said as much in an interview with local the media. Scooter Bergman was the first to outright refuse what everyone thought was a sweet deal. That refusal sent everything into a turmoil. Instead the combination of a mistrial and no plea bargains destroyed the narrative Abel Reyna was trying to sell to the jury, a narrative we talk about so much.

We've mentioned before that we knew we had Abel Reyna when he moved to attack us personally. Used Popeye in one of his campaign ads full of tears. As political activists for many years this told us it was a sign of desperation instead of a confident individual. Things crumbled not only for the DA's office but the entire Good Ole Boy Court System and city Government in Waco. Truth triumphs over the evils of government when they are exposed.


Now To Our Point

Arrests Of Gangs members VS OMG's Is telling The Story - MC's Are Not Street Gangs
Arrests Of Gangs members VS OMG's Is telling The Story - MC's Are Not Street Gangs

Houston Gang Unit Now Comes To The Front


It's been 4 years past Twinn Peaks May 17th 2015. Yet law enforcement still uses it as an example to harass and violate the Constitutional Rights of Bikers (who are not street gangs). Ignoring the truth and the fact that Waco - McLennan County is facing hundreds of law suits for violating those Constitutional Rights. 

We've received information that the Houston Gang Task-force has singled out Sons Of Liberty Riders MC as a support club. Let us educate them so they would not be ignorant or stupid. Just in case they make it into one of our videos. Know these truths.  


If Not you are ignorant of the situations you live in


Truth: Sons Of Liberty Riders MC All Chapters is a support Club of "The Constitution" and those that have had their Constitutional Rights violated. That includes Bikers and Citizens of this Country. Any accusation outside of that scope is wrong. 

Truth: We are members of the COCI and Texas legislative Strike Force which are the most effective Legislative entities for Motorcyclist in Texas and collaborate with ABATE, MRF, AMA. TXDOT. Recent FBI testimony in San Antonio confirms the COCI is a Legitimate Political Organization. Members of these Organizations walk the halls of the Capital and Visit Legislators believe in Motorcycle Safety issues and Biker Rights. It doesn't matter what colors they might wear or who they associate with. Everyone has the right to express their concerns with Legislators, "everyone"!


Truth: Sons Of Liberty Riders MC are not forced to become a member or forced to pay dues. We sought them out because of their stellar legislative work. This is what we do. 


Truth: MC's are the least likely to threaten law enforcement or the public. Our videos show compliance, courtesy in the face of sometime hostile encounters toward Bikers and so called OMG's. They are surely not going to attack law enforcement and citizens as the DPS suggested in Waco. All of that was hype to set a narrative. A narrative used to harass, jail, take property and convict if possible. Even those innocent of crimes.


Truth: Motorcycle Clubs are not street gangs. Law enforcement knows this to be true but again it's the narrative they've pushed for decades in an never ending public vilification. We understand the process and we read and study OMG gang threat Assessments by the DPS / FBI. There is not enough data to warrant MC's as gang threats in our view. 


Truth: Sons Of Liberty Riders / Texas Biker Radio News does investigate what we call Outlaw Public Officials (OPO's) this can be law enforcement of any kind and politicians at every level. Especially those that operate outside of the Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the land. 


Truth: Because of our Mission we do make contact with all types of MC's including so called OMG's. It's the only way to seek truth in a sea of lies perpetrated by law enforcement. Just because they are on a list doesn't mean they lose their civil rights. One of our most important jobs is to try and help educate all Bikers of their Constitutional Rights.  


Truth: We do get involved in political campaigns. Ask Abel Reyna!

Truth: "We Do Carry" the most powerful weapon in the land at all times "A Pocket Constitution". 


To all gang units across the land and Texas. Do some home work outside of the narrative you've been indoctrinated into. Time and circumstances change people and organizations. Large MC's do not need criminal activities to make money and thrive. MC's of any kind are a reflection of our society as a whole. Drugs run rampid in our country and your wasting our tax dollars chasing a myth, hype and innuendo that's 70 years old.  There are enough bad guys to go around especially when you look within. You should know that, If Not you are ignorant or stupid...


Here We Come A Trolling cameras In Tow..