Shit! After a relatively quite weekend in the DFW area we find out in Parker County they have caught the profiling bug in the Sheriffs Department  It's still early in our investigation of what went down but we felt the need to inform our Motorcycle Riding public and MC's in general. Right now we understand not only have Bikers been stopped for profiling they were taken to jail for minor traffic violations. Really!

Once we learn of an incident we start by looking at the political landscape. In this case it's Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler who's been having his way since 2005 (14yrs). We find it curious when we pull up to a Sheriffs Office and the building is named after him. Usually that means the Good Ole Boy System is firmly in place.


Of course two other possibilities is the citizens have that much respect or like many other politicians he's full of himself. Incumbency has it's privileges, whats the harm in a little self promotion? In this case it was the county commissioners that surprised him after 52 years of LE service, which is probably 20 years too long. I'm sure he takes plenty of naps. Just sayin.


Here's the deal, in Texas there are only two tickets you cannot be arrested for. Speeding and Open Container. All others they have a choice to just issue the ticket or arrest you. We find that despicable, unethical to say the least for minor traffic violations that are nothing more than excuses to profile. We know the drill.


According to former and current PO's, it's rare to magistrate someone for a traffic offense unless there are warrants for the driver or rider.


If riders in Parker County are being brought before a judge without extenuating circumstances then we will file a FOIA request with the agency for the number of times Sheriffs Deputies has taken that action. It seems to us there are a whole bunch of conflicting laws and guidelines that are meant to confuse. if that's not the case we have morons writing the laws without a clue of the effects on the citizens Bikers or not. 


The fact is the law will misuse the flaws in the law to harass and arrest citizens at will. Either way there are reasons for this type behavior by this particular Sheriffs Department. When everyone else is dialing down they seem to be ramping up.

Fowler On Left

We're sure he's become a lovable fixture in Parker County, the Old Sheriff who refuses to retire with young wanna be's in the wings. It's a bad combination for those on the outside of their network for sure....... Beware!


It's time we shine some light with the Constitution on our side. After hours of study I've not read it mentioned by the Ole Coot not once. That is reason for concern of the citizens of Parker County.. 


Check back to this story, we're finding out the details and will report back to you.