The privileged class is on full display today at the funeral of John Lewis. Hundreds gathered in a Church while the citizens are banned from the same privilege in States all across America. Clearly the are more than a few standards for the privileged as American citizens can't gather more than 10 for grave side services (outside dammit).


In the case of the privileged science doesn't really matter. Being white has nothing to do with it. The new order they want to shove down our throats has a new wave of privileged classes. Politicians, political parties, anarchist, black socialists, academic elites, socialist teachers, federal / state bureaucrats. Thats just a few off the tops of our heads, they do whatever they want and whenever.

Social Distancing Depends On Who You Are
Social Distancing Depends On Who You Are

The rules of science do not apply to them for they are the privileged class of today. We are supposed to let them behave and gather any way they want without question. TBR Prez Butch "Popeye" Moss had a family member die just a few weeks ago, they were not allowed a funeral or graveside burial because of the science you see. Instead the family member was cremated, no one knows when that took place. There was only one Sabrina, God broke the mold for sure.


This scenario is being played out all across the country as the elite gathers in a Church for hours on end with parades and all kinds of bs... Understand even among the marxist there is the privileged class....They eventually get around putting you in your place no matter your color..


If the science is to be obeyed that should go for everybody, including the dead no matter what title they might hold. Otherwise do not follow the guidelines that mean nothing to the elites among us. Why should we do as they say and not what they do? 


They claim John Lewis's last words were "vote" it the most important election ever. With that we agree, if that's true progressives throw one lie after another ya know.


You have a choice, progressive socialist elites who will leads us to ruins with Joe "Hidden"  Biden  who would be a figurehead instead of a President..