A Piece Only Sasquatch Could Write with some minor editing so not to blow your mind. You gotta love him!


Hello Brothers & Sisters & Bikers across the Nation and beyond ! This is the Sasquatch on the road report # 5 .


The Sons Of Liberty Riders (National Meeting # 1) 2019 I'm reporting for Texasbikerraido.org At The Labor day weekend SOLRMC  Brotherhood extravaganza & National meeting ! Yea you could call it that ?

Well folks it all started on Saturday night on 8/31/19 when our Houston Chapter arrived that afternoon at the Best Western, in Euless,Texas ! I met up with my Senior Sargent of Arms "Geezer" and his friend Kathy there & the Brothers from Houston was already there . Well let me tell you this was the best Vacation I've had since I don't know when ? Probable my best Vacation ever !

That evening most of us headed for the swimming pool area and We were having a blast just getting reacquainted and drinking that juice out the jar that impairs your ability to operate machinery and even talk sometimes ! I knew not to partake because I was riding back to the house that night so I had a J. & couple of beers instead and then somebody said hey, were all going to go get something to eat and you don't have to ride your bike ! So most of us piled into the Hotel shuttle bus and was shuttled & some road on over & met us at Saviano's Italian kitchen for a good meal to round out the evening.

After taking the return shuttle I decided it was time to ride to the house .
But I would be back & check into the Hotel the next day on Sunday afternoon. Geezer & kathy & I shared a half decent room with 2 queen sized beds.

Well, we finally got checked into Our room that next day, Sunday afternoon or early evening, 09/01/19 . I returned to the hotel that morning @ about 11:30 am. Geezer and some Bro's from our Houston chapter had left out about 9:00 am to go meet up with our Tennessee Chapter & Grease Monkey, our Jr. Sargent of .Arms & Road Dawg and some more Brothers,  went to meet up with the Arizona & New Mexico Chapters !

By Sunday evening everyone had arrived at the Hotel and it was time for are all members meeting to commence!

Being the first time we had everyone together, there in the Best Western Hotel lobby . All 5 Chapters ! And you could guess that we had a lot to talk about ! Then Popeye our President of the North Texas Mother Chapter took the floor,
we talked about the significance of our 1st. National meeting & about MotorCycle Profiling and the fact that it is not being enacted in some parts of the Country but it certainly is stringently in our neck of the woods! Thanks to the Governor of Texas(Greg Abbot)  who lost our support, because of his enforcement of MC. Profiling, and also talked about which Clubs are getting Profiled the most, the 1% Clubs, however they will pull over anyone riding a Motor Cycle to see if they want to put you in there criminal gang data base.


I'll  tell you some people do not know the difference between Criminal Gangs & Motor Cycle Clubs it's sad  But true, sorry to have to say . Freedom isn't free and these days it's getting harder & harder to grasp & realize it more all the time. I mean are you efficiently Oppressed or what ? And we talked about a great many of things as you might imagine for being there at our first all chapter meeting ! And our Co founder,& vice President OG. Also gave a good lecture, you know club business stuff & Things.and talked about our mission as 3%ers. we have to push back & get involved in the politics that affects our rights as bikers ! Because we want to keep our freedoms & are rights & stand up for what is righteous ! And if we don't do it ,were afraid it wont get done!

Our Chapter purchased BBQ for the Sunday evening dinner to the tune of 22lbs. Of meat & man it was good, mouth watering & lots of sides to boot, Yum yum . And then the Road Dawg our only prospect at the time, was Determined to patch in & it was time to grill him with 20 question not just our Chapter but any member who wanted to ask him questions as to why he wanted to be in the Sons Of Liberty Riders MC, it was quite entertaining and you know what, He gave the correct answers and yes Road Dawg patched in and is now a Member of our Club Congratulations Rod Dawg ! Then we headed back out to the pool and enjoyed some moonshine, beer and comradery and some greenery, until the wee hours of the morning, when I barely remember stumbling back to the room & after finding my key card, crashed out !

The next Morning was Labor Day .09/02 not a usual Monday morning but a Holiday ! And we had a bad assed agenda planned for the day!

I woke up in time to go down to the lobby for some coffie & breakfast that got me kick started for the morning,because Geezer said wake up we're fixin to go soon ! And the next thing I knew it was time to mount up and head to the Historic downtown Fort Worth Stockyards ! And yet, not down on that killing floor ! So we  blew down the free way west to the main drag, where all the tourist hang out, & did a slow roll down  E.Exchange Avenue. Past the StockYard Station .


The Tourist's all love us there as if we are part of the attractions they Smile & wave & take pictures and the kids jump up and down with delight as if to say "I want a ride, I want a ride" Lol ! so then we stopped at the nearby Wilson's Biker Leather goods on N Main St. where, after I fell over while backing up to park "Dag Nabit" ! I hate when that happens .I blamed it on my bad hip . I then dusted myself off & Spider & his ole lady April of Tennessee "Salute", was right there to help me  pick up my bike & make sure I was okay . And I said how embarrasskin damn it !   Then we discovered that Wilson took a day off for Labor day and was closed.

So, we decided to skedaddle to Strokers in Dallas ! So we made one more run through the Stock yards on the way out . Yee Haw ! The smell of Horse dung was in the air .

Now for those of Y'all that have never been to Strokers on Harry Hines St. in Dallas,I'm saying this place is like the cornucopia of Bikerdom with a little bit of Hippy thrown in for good measure !

And anytime there's any special event the place is packed with motorcycles & bikers !
There is an array of Venders of all kinds for biker lifestyle products,& they stay there & don't move there booths because they feel they couldn't do better anywhere else anyway Lol . And a Very cool  motorcycle shop out in the front when you arrive there where Rick fairless & his team build custom motorcycles, I got to have one of his T shirts to man, Plus a real nice Bar & Grill with great Cheese Burgers & eats, Shots & mixed drinks +beer & all kinds of memorabilia and pictures on the walls, that would take hours to look at them all ! And don't forget the Shuffleboard . And a big covered outdoor stage & Rick's is the only guy I know that has a Kip's Big Boy on one end of the stage, he really has a lot of cool memorabilia throughout the entire Strokers Complex !


He's probably had every hot Rock & Country band in Dallas play there  I mean you would really have to see this place to appreciate it like I do for sure !


Well by the time we realized we had been there for going on three hours we decided it was time to head on back to the Hotel so we took a good group pic there, thats already on F/B, before riding on out, but the Labor day fun was not over yet !

Upon returning to the Hotel the Texas summer heat had everyone ready for some rest in the cool ac so we took a break until that hot sun was heading down over the horizon And then it was time for more fun at the pool . Wow time sure seems to accelerate when your having fun . A Brother from Houston named Big Country was performing some Cannon ball dive's from the top of a stone waterfall on the deep end of the pool Lol, he was able to splash us on the patio all the way across the pool wow ! And when he came back to the patio and sit down He said I've been having a blast up here in N. Texas but we have to head back to Houston in the morning dew to fact that himself & his brother's were low on funds & had to get back home and get back to work & deal with reality some more ! And every one again got pretty lite up on the Shine before turning in for the night .

What a Vacation !

The next morning Tue.09/03/19 we all grabbed a quick breakfast,in the lobby, our Chapter had the day  planned out to see off the Houston Chapter. We all assembled in the parking & took more pic's & video's when we were all in the pack they took video's as we were blasting off for, the first planned stop the Parker County Sheriff's Office Weatherford Texas ! Popeye & OG. Had plans to give Deputy Dannie a heads up & a flyer that we would be coming for a  freedom rally to the Parker county Courthouse on Oct. 13th a peaceful assembly to Protest the Motorcycle profiling & the fact they have been taking bikers to jail for minor traffic infractions & impounding  there motorcycles ! And other general harassment . But as usual the Deputy was unavailable for comment .


We filled the parking lot up with Our Motorcycles and SOLR members as we waited for our leaders to emerge from that building where the jail is also housed and we didn't waste any time leaving when they came back out . We headed on west to the Historic town of Mineral wells of we rode directly right in front of the biggest tombstone in Texas, the Haunted Baker Hotel & continued on west about 10-15 miles to Hwy. 4 south towards Granbury TX.

And there is some really pretty Country down through there between where we turned south on hwy 4 & I20 with twisting turning roads & very big hills that could be classified as Mountainous terrain it was a fun ride when we stopped for fuel it was still about 30 miles to Granbury, TX. !

When we arrived in down town Granbury we followed are road Captain(Grease Monkey) directly to Babe's Chicken for a big and delicious lunch with our Brothers from the Houston chapter & some Tennessee Bros & a Sister that came along for the fun & the ride . Hay If you leave babes chicken hungry it must be your own Fault ! I had the chicken fried steak with endless sides and I could barely finish the thing wow what a meal ! And then after paying the check we all went outside to say our goodbyes & gave everybody big hugs to say so long as we parted until next time and continued our separate ways down the highway of life with a roar !

And we took the more direct return route up 377 N. trough Cresson TX.  And past Whiskey flats back trough Benbroke then East on I20 trough Fort worth And Arlington, past Grand Prairie and on back to the Best Western Hotel in Euless . All the while thinking about the good times we had with our Houston Chapter and wishing them a safe journey home to Houston !

So we took a good break in the Ac before heading to Red Neck Heaven,in Arlington TX. near Six Flags amusement park, the Tennessee Bro's wanted to get the Redneck Heaven experience & we Cruised right past the front of the At&t New Cowboys Stadium on the way there . Well the place was a little slow being a Tue. night but we livened it up and had a very good time there, and one of the bros, stupid memory,
I can't remember who it was that took the traditional belt strap ass whooping and made us all laugh are asses off !  Ah what a time we had & then we headed back to the Hotel for a second night cap by the pool before calling it a night !

Wednesday morning arrived 09/04/19 and are Tennessee chapter wanted to go site seeing around Dallas .well I was grounded for the day by Grease Monkey. Because of an onion peel back tire that looks like a may pop . However Geezer filled me in on all the site seeing activists, of the day . 1st they went to the DFW Nation Cemetery In Dallas, to visit Grease Monkeys dads grave. & then on to Clyde Barrow's grave site.  Yes Bonnie & Clyde . Apparently they are not buried together 


Then on to see the site of the Grassy Knoll where President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 in downtown Dallas across from the Book Depository and they capped it all off with a stop to a local called Lee Harvey's on the SE Side of downtown Dallas . Geezer said it was a cool bar and that they all had a good time and a good time was had by all ! They returned to the Hotel about 3:30 pm in time to rest up for (Grease Monkey's Birthday Party) at Diamond Jim's Salon in Grand Prairie Tx. that evening  . We knew the nationals was drawing to a close and we wanted to help Grease Monkey celebrate his Birthday properly ! # 60 .

As dusk was creeping in we mounted are rides an headed over to Diamond Jim's. About 5 miles from the Hotel, There was a beautiful Birthday cake, black & orange with the Harley Davidson Shield on it and it said Happy Birthday Grease Monkey on it with two candles to blow out, because 60 wouldn't fit on the cake man, and
It was a good celebration and Grease monkey said there's no way I'm riding my bike now !

While downing Shot after Shot & buying rounds for everybody, So we had Redneck are other Junior S.A. to ride Grease Monkeys bike back to the hotel and have his ole lady bring him back to get his own bike and ride it back to the hotel but when everyone was back we of course went back out to the pool for more festivities and Moon Shine & fun ! And then before I seen it coming the morning of check out had arrived. It was Thursday 09/05/19 we all packed are bags and got ready to depart .As a famous poet once said, parting is such bittersweet sorrow . And it was, as I hugged every one and said safe journeys my brothers and Sisters . Love from Sasquatch !

I want to thank everyone that is a part of S.O.L.R. for taking the long journey away from home to attend our National meeting here in North Texas .
I want to thank the good Lord for protecting us and getting everyone here & back home Safely. Thank you Lord ! Thanks to the N.Texas S.O.L.R M.C. mother chapter for the good eats on Sunday evening and your hard work in coordinating our first National meeting !  y'all are beautiful ! A Special thanks to Best Western Hotel and west Airporter your hospitality was exemplary, thank you for treating us with respect . You have our gratitude & our future business ! 

And thank you to Diamond Jim's Saloon for hosting Grease Monkeys Birthday Party we appreciate Y'all ! And thank you so much wild Child & Val  for letting me use your shop/Club house & Denelley for installing a new drive belt on my Frankenstein bitch Motorcycle I wouldn't have been able to ride @ the Nationals W/O y'all ! ! And as always remember to ride safe & keep the rubber side down !
Sasquatch .

Ps. I heard someone say that next year's National meet up will be even better, but at this point I don't know how ! Lol maybe if Trump gets reelected Ha ha !